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    BEncode Editor

    I was able to figure a work around for the time being using some linux applications. It accomplished the job that I had set forth and allowed me to do exactly what I wanted, though it took me several hours to get there. I learned some stuff in the process so i'm quite happy. cat /media/uTorrent/resume.dat |sed 's/:/:\n/g'|sed -n '/path[0-9]*/{n;n;p;}'|sed 's/[0-9]:$//'|sed '/\\/!d' It essentially inserts a new line after each colon, then searches for the string path with any number of digits directly after it and prints the second line after that, then deletes any lines that don't start with a slash. This gets the paths but at the cost of the drive letter due to the drive letter having a colon after it. Stupid microsoft.
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    BEncode Editor

    Would it be plausible to export the information that's in the tree view to a text file? I'm having difficulty sorting out which directories in my download directory are currently associated with active torrents. There are many that no longer have torrents associated with them and I should move them out of the directory. The problem I'm having now is that I don't know which I can move. If I could get a list of all of the paths out of the resume.dat this would allow me to do this in a single act. My concern isn't the binary data which could be discarded, but the text information of where the torrents are located.