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  1. Error: Handle is Invalid when adding magnet links
  2. Crash Dump Build 3.0 20680
  3. On Build 20228, I receive numerous errors when trying to download RSS Feeds such as "Unable to load" and then a crash occurs. After that, when I try deleting the feeds another crash occurs. When I try to send the dumps, it states that it's unable to send the dump. Also, when I'm on the Torrents Tab and press the tab in which I'm downloading uGadget, it still remains on the Torrent page. However, when trying to right click on the torrents, the menu does not appear. Crash Dumps: Also, let's assume I have 5 torrents. I download and open a new torrent. However utorrent will still show it as 5 torrents on the torrents tab. You have to manually click on the torrents tab so that it will update and show 6 torrents. By the way, when I try to open a video through streaming, it says that the media player is not associated and gives an error but my media player is associated to the video so I think that's a bug. And let's say you set share ratio to 100% and open a torrent, then change share ratio to 150%, the torrent still remains at 100% and you have to manually override default settings and change it to 150%.
  4. @moogly k thx i didnt know that and by the way, now when we add torrents, its silently added even if we are just adding one torrent. is that a bug?
  5. +1 robertltux Now when we download torrent, it just downloads the files to the folder that is set rather than creating a new folder in the folder that is set and putting the files in that new folder Edit: I think I just experienced a bug. I had this old video in my downloads folder but i was downloading a new video with utorrent. Then i deleted the old video and halfway through the download of my new video, I tried to play it but it showed my old video instead... Edit: Ok so i tried to remove the torrent completely using the remove and delete torrent + data option but instead of just deleting the torrent and it's data it removed the entire downloads folder. The only file inside the downloads folder was the torrent
  6. I have significantly lower speeds with 19640. Also, when I try to download the apps, the download fails and returns an installation error.
  7. +1 Upload limit is exceeded when downloading at very high speeds
  8. Thanks to the Utorrent Developer Team for this excellent P2P program.
  9. I'm getting fantastic speeds at the moment. Looks like there has been a massive speed improvement. If you get slow speeds with older builds of Utorrent, I recommend you to try this build out. So far no bugs or crashes experienced and great work.
  10. I want to know something. When I was downloading a video, in the file tab, the video had categories which are Streamable and Rate. May I know what the meaning of this are?
  11. Have to say that the Utorrent new user interface feels a lot more organised and similar to the windows version but the icons need to be changed in my opinion. @compexpert: You can let utorrent seed to a certain ratio though by pressing the download/upload ratio display. This will let a menu pop up which lets you choose the ratio you want.
  12. If you uninstall and delete settings and reinstall this build, on first launch of utorrent, the settings.dat , rss.dat, resume.dat and dht.dat still will not have been formed. You have to restart utorrent and then only they appear inside the Utorrent Application Data folder. Utorrent also logs this on the logger tab. Not sure if this is a bug but wanted to let you know. And great work guys, I thought development of Utorrent was at halt but I guess you were actually working on 2.1 Alpha.
  13. How do I find out if the crash dump was sent to the developers? I just had one and would be gladly send it if you will fix it.
  14. Why isn't the built 16385 posted yet? Edit: Nevermind, Just found out that link was changed back to normal. Hmm but I will still test build 16385.
  15. After running Utorrent and downloading, websites take very long to load and I think this is a bug since it doesn't happen in my other computers. Hope you can fix it. Off Topic: Nice Profile Picture Virtual_Man. I watch Bleach too.