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  1. Strange.. The new builds take 8mb on startup, compared to 1.6 using only 2.5 mb (using the same torrents).
  2. 1552: Still a few memleaks, but much better..
  3. I have nod32 installed, but without real time scanning. I have no netlimiter installed or any similar programs (except wireshark). The leak seems to appear only when downloading/uploading really fast (eg. 4megabyte/s or faster). Even if I delete all torrents, the dynamic cache does not seem to be disposed. My uTorrent memory record is ~100mb.
  4. Yeah.. My uTorrent (1355) is leaking some memory. 50mb with one (not active) torrent (Uptime ~96h). After restarting the program I get ~2mb usage.
  5. Hello Developers! Congratulations to the new build. It's very nice to see the new development on this excellent client Build 1355 works flawless on my computer. Just one small note: After downloading a torrent, it would be nice to be able to move it without going through the usual steps: * Stopping torrent. * Move torrent manually. * Go advanced -> Change download location * Rescan torrent * Start seeding Well.. usually people are a bit lazy and just deletes the torrent when it's time to move the downloaded files, which is not good. The Torrent network depends on people actually seeding. My suggestion: Since a really fast and good "moving files function" already seems to exist (when the downloaded files are moved from the temp catalog), would it be possible to add this little menu? The paths in the menus could be set in the Preferences window. Would make my life easier (and probably all the other people who want some nice file structure on their harddrives).
  6. uTorUser

    WebUI v0.315

    "An API will be released in the next few days detailing how developers can interact with µTorrent." Can't find it...
  7. uTorUser

    WebUI v0.315

    Yes, between () - which usually means "or" in situations like this one. "it's know" is quite a bad (and amusing) reason. As a note: Just using the ctrl-button seems to be enough, even if you are using the meny to access the preferences.
  8. uTorUser

    WebUI v0.315

    Strange. The WebUI options (in preferences) is only visible if you press ctrl-p. Using the menu for opening the preferenses hides the webui-settings. BTW, Great work!!
  9. Since the latests builds the RSS is broken. The downloads wont start automatically. They do start if you use the "update now" button. Really strange....
  10. Strange. uTorrent handles the writing better then the reading.. When uploading at 4megabytes/s there is ~50 reads/sec and my harddrive goes nuts (the default cache is at ~30mb) When writing at speeds ~3-4mb/s I can still use my computer as normal. (100/100 connection)