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  1. Have not almost any problem with all alpha versions. Imac Intel Core Duo 2 2,16 GHz 3Gb of memory Mac OS X 10.6.2 ~60-80 torrents in list
  2. This build looks better! Many thanks for returning old mac-style icons on toolbar :-) Labels working just great. And one bug (or feature?). I just noticed that i can't change priority for whole folder in FileView. I need to open it and change priority for each file in folder.
  3. I will agree with opinions above. Previous interface was closer to mac-style and looks better. Grey icons on toolbar in previous version are quite good, imho no need to change them. Although i should say that FileView is more comfortable in new version. It will good to add FileType icons too. I also like idea with labels. And thank you for your hard work!