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  1. Thanks a lot! Should have read the new help file. Anyway, does the window size problem that I mentioned above happen to anyone else or just me? And what's that "fine grained file priorities" setting?
  2. Another thing: After updating from 2.0.4, without changing any settings, when I download a torrent I don't get the "download to..." dialog as I did in 2.0.4. Instead it starts downloading in the last used folder. Is there a setting that I'm missing here. How can I make it ask me where to download each new torrent as 2.0.4 did? I use Win 7 Ultimate 64bit, 32bit utorrent.
  3. A little bug: when I shut down the program in full screen mode, and reload it, the program doesn't remember the size of it's window that I've set in the non-full screen mode. It just resizes the window to fill the screen. This doesn't happen if I shut the program in non-full screen mode. It opens again in the window size that I set. I use Win 7 Ultimate 64bit, 32bit utorrent.
  4. Thanx rafi. Hope the bug is soon fixed.
  5. Sorry I meant to say "true" not "false". Well?
  6. I updated from 2.0 to 2.0.3. Though I disabled the ipv6 (net.disable_ipv6->false) and restarted the client, I still see in the log that I've gotten a teredo address, and still getting double connections. Why?
  7. I just wonder how can windows have a cache problem ONLY with uTorrent, and ONLY after the 2.0 version, and still be a windows issue...
  8. Still only 2.0 doesn't require searching advanced settings and forums to make it work properly! 2.0.2 still has the memory overuse problem if you choose to enable cache. And don't tell me to disable it! If I really have to have it disabled permanently to make this program work why on earth don't you just delete that setting! uTorrent started as a tiny, SIMPLE and efficient client. Now? The newest the build, the worse it goes! Went immediately back to 2.0 which works just fine. And the worst of all: the link for 2.0 gives you 2.0.1! The same as the link for 1.8.5! Thank God there's File Hippo!!!
  9. Even more, I think that there shouldn't be available at all, an option in the settings that can cause trouble. At least until it is fixed.
  10. Just disabled them both and it's ok. But why weren't they disabled (default) when I updated from 2.0. Does someone has to visit the forum in order to make it work?
  11. Still the problem with all the memory over-usage in Win 7 64bit! And the double peers! Went back to 2.0 where there's no problem. The truth is that uTorrent is the only app I've seen that seems to become more buggy in every new edition! And there are so many and frequent new ones. Can't you just give out a proper, stable and reliable one?
  12. Still the double connections problem... :/
  13. I think the "duplicate IPv6 peer connection" is still there. I see double connections, one of IPv6 and one regular, with exactly the same % downloaded.
  14. I've noticed that when I have the "bandwidth management" enabled and seed, those who get connected with me through uTP don't download anything from me. Those with tcp do. So I disabled utp and everything is fine. Why is that? Any ideas?
  15. Seeding 6 torrents with 2.0 gives upload speed 70-90kb/s with up &downs. Seeding the same torrents with 1.8.2 (still the best I think) gives my max upload speed of about 100-105kb/s almost flat. Why?
  16. This has the same problem that I've mentioned before, with the up and downs in the upload speed, like 1.8.3 and 1.8.4. 1.8.2 still the best one I think.
  17. It's Satan's built: 16666! He made it vanish in the depths of hell, for ever!!!
  18. Yes, but the amount of data downloaded is much more than with the 1.8 versions. We're talking about many kb/s. Is this necessary?
  19. rafi, I don't use RSS feeds. ugatme has just the same problem.
  20. Still the same problem with 1.8.4. When seeding in max line speed, the speed suddenly falls down to almost 0 every about half an hour, for a few minutes, and then goes back to full speed. This doesn't happen with 1.8.2.
  21. When seeding a torrent with just a few (2-5) leechers, the upload speed reaches almost imediatelly my max speed ~100-110kb/s. But when doing initial seeding, being the only seeder, with a lot of leechers, more than let's say 30, the max speed is steady but about 85kb/s.
  22. Something is wrong with the forum. Posts are being deleted randomly I think. Anyway, is there a plan to do something about the protocol overhead problem, causing downloading data at 3-4kb/s while seeding? And are those data downloaded affecting my ratio on the trackers? Thnx a lot in advance!
  23. Will this thing with Ask Toolbar ever get settled? I installed the 16010 build, chosen NOT to install that damned toolbar, and guess what: the toolbar was installed! Is it so hard to solve this? I've been reading in the forum for weeks complains about that toolbar thing!
  24. No. What exactly does that setting do? And why should I be searching advanced settings, while I don't have to do that with the 1.8.2 version?
  25. I've noticed that with 1.8.3 stable, less leechers get connected to the torrents that I'm seeding, and the upload speed is unstable, going from 0 to 90kb/s. This isn't happening with the 1.8.2 with which I seed the same torrents at 100kb/s, which is my connection limit.