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  1. To those who have concerns about the security of updates to torrents, see this excerpt from BEP 39, to which I linked to in the introductory message. Basically, the first torrent in a chain must be signed, and all subsequent updates must be signed with the same cert. If you trust the originator, we interpret this to mean trust in updates from the same source. http://www.bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0039.html
  2. Here you go, Beasly. You must have missed these: https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=744152#p744152 https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=744010#p744010 If you have questions (about this feature), I'd be happy to answer them. I believe all such questions have been answered to date. The number of posts I make is dictated by the number of questions. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It looks like we have around 20 peers in the swarm and some valuable UI feedback. Please post if you have any other issues or questions. The torrent files are regular .torrent files with some new infodict keys (as specified in the BEPs), so other clients can download them, but the ability to poll for an update and the UI is unique to uTorrent 3.4. The 3.4 build AdamK supplied will give us the best feedback. Not presently, though I suppose it could be added. It does not rely on the existing RSS feature. I'm not the right person to comment on future plans for RSS.
  4. Greetings uTorrent Forum, As Adam mentioned, I'm available to answer any questions you might have about this "updatable torrent" test. Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any difficulties. I'll monitor this forum for feedback. It's worth noting that the features we're testing are not limited to being used in "BitTorrent Bundles" — there are two related BEPs linked to below. We hope the ability to update a torrent file is a useful general purpose feature for the torrenting community, so please help us test even if you're not interested in BitTorrent Bundles. Thanks. http://bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0038.html http://bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0039.html
  5. @chandukasri, did you follow the instructions here: https://remote.utorrent.com/signup In particular, does your desktop uTorrent client report "Status: accessible"? If so, then be sure that you're entering your username and password exactly the same in both the uTorrent client and the web or Android login form.
  6. zerosoft, are you still seeing this? Is there anything suspicious in the logger pane?
  7. karogyoker, Your bug report has been noted and the client development team will look into it. Thanks.
  8. @darkwedder That's all you have to do to register. Sorry it failed for you at first. If anyone sees the same failure to register, please take a look in the "Logger" tab and enable "Verbose Logging" > "Log WebUI requests", then try to reproduce the failure. There may be helpful message there.
  9. @darkwedder First, please use http://web.utorrent.com/ instead. The http://falcon.utorrent.com/ hostname is deprecated. That doesn't explain your current problem, but you should do it anyway. You've downloaded and installed the µTorrent 3.0 Alpha and set up the "Web" (not "WebUI") preferences? When you filled out the username and password fields did it say "Registering" and then "Accessible"? I see no "darkwedder" in our database. If you're using another username and you don't wish to keep it secret, you can tell it to me and I can search for it for you to see if the system believes you've registered successfully.
  10. @animebuster No, that's not a current feature. If we added it, it would have to behave a little differently than the current WebUI guest account, since we'd need a separate password to keep your torrents completely private. If there's enough user demand, we would consider implementing it.
  11. Icarus, if you have the client from here: http://www.utorrent.com/labs/falcon You should be able to sign in from within the client. You don't need an account, you just need to pick a username and password. Follow the instructions on the post-download page. Let me know if you run into trouble. Thanks.
  12. eratos2000: When you say "it used to work," you mean that you were connected, logged in to Falcon via the web, etc.? The whole system? Try connecting your client again and you should be able to connect without the registration failure and then log in. Sorry for the trouble.
  13. Thanks for the info. We've identified a bug where users will sometimes see the 401 errors when they attempt to login, even when they provide the correct username and password. We have a fix for the bug which is in testing right now. We'll update Falcon as soon as it passes. In testing, we see the 401's intermittently. Usually if we attempt to login a few times it will succeed. I haven't seen it happen consistently, as you describe. It happens for a known reason, when the random values used in SRP have certain properties. Thus it's random; you might never see it, or you might see it a few times in a row. In theory, you could see it every time, but it's highly unlikely. I'd recommend you retest after we fix the known bug, and if it's still not working we can try to reproduce what you're seeing. Thanks for your patience during the beta. EDIT: A fix for the 401 issue was pushed to Falcon this afternoon (2010-03-01). You should no longer see 401's except in cases where the username or password is actually incorrect. If you continue to see the issue, please clear your browser cache. If you still see it after that, let us know and we'll look into your case further.
  14. enigmaclough: Which browser are you using? Can you test in any others?
  15. doug2h: If you send us an email at falcon@utorrent.com with your username we can "free" it to be re-associated with another system. To everyone who's been getting the "username already in use" error, we discovered a misconfiguration last week and corrected it. You should be able to connect if you'd been seeing this error. Please give it another shot, and thanks for your patience during the beta.
  16. @xatr0z, bykovk: I'm not sure why your uTorrent clients can't connect. I'll ask around to see if there's anything else we can ask you to help debug it. As for the web site, you definitely won't be able to log in with no client connected. You're right about the error message — the web form was showing the wrong description for some error conditions ("username not found"). This will be fixed in the next Falcon site release. @Lord Alderaan: Yes. 2.1 now supports multiple sessions. Each session uses a GUID cookie for identification, and each session has its own token (and AES key for Falcon). @ezmac1964: There's nothing special about the Falcon-compatible uTorrent which would prevent you from being able to run it in a VM. @cruiser78: We're working on mobile device support, but need to balance the privacy/encryption requirements of Falcon against their capabilities. For now, I'd recommend using the regular WebUI for your Windows Mobile phone and keeping an eye on Falcon. @SIRavecavec: Give it a try now, I've reset some of your user data. FYI, usernames are tied to a specific uTorrent client install, so you can't "move" your username from one computer to another, at least not without some settings.dat hacking.
  17. @revanmj: iPhone support (near term) and browse and upload a torrent (longer term) are both planned, but not supported right now because of our privacy requirements. @acmodeu, xatr0z: Are you still having the same problem? Can you browse to: http://falcon.utorrent.com/ I've passed your report along to a client engineer. We'll report back with further questions or instructions. @ezmac1964: There's no Falcon-enabled Mac uTorrent as of now, and I can't comment on when or if one might become available.
  18. revanmj, you can just click "Apply" after setting the username and password and it will prompt you to ask if you'd like to create the account if it doesn't exist. Which instructions are you referring to? The ones on the invite redemption page?
  19. SIRavecavec, there's no schedule, but the next time we send out a batch of invites, you will receive one.
  20. Shift, Okay, so you are able to get to raptor and get the expected certificate warning. That warning should not cause any problem for uTorrent, so it's not the cause of your issue. I'm looking into it further with one of the client engineers right now. Can you translate the Russian after "Proxy connect error:"? Have you set a proxy server in the Preferences > Connection > Proxy Server uTorrent pref panel? Do you know if your web browser routes requests through a proxy because of your ISP or school, etc?
  21. Shift, what happens if you skip past register and just enable Falcon, then click apply? Do you connect? If not, can you browse to http://raptor.utorrent.com/? I would expect you to get a redirect and then a cert warning if everything is working — this is where the client is attempting to send the register request. [Edited to fix typo in URL]
  22. Shift, I checked our database and I see a record that indicates your uTorrent client has successfully registered. Did you see this error when you registered, or later? Is it still occurring for you?
  23. @emc Thanks for pointing that out — the sign up will still work, but the user shouldn't see the server response in that form. We'll take a look at it and push a fix.