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  1. but there is mentioned in nowhere about "check two boxes in order to get it back". People will think checking the one in UI tab only will be able to get it back.
  2. Would you please state it out? I can't find it anywhere in #1.
  3. roytam1

    BEncode Editor

    I want a "Simple mode" button for switching to uTorrent torrent property-liked dialog for editing announce-list easily.
  4. I updated from 17154 Falcon build to 17350 and I found that 17350 reads all .torrent files in its application data folder and bunches of dlls in system32 folder. and it takes 100% CPU usage of my PDC E6300 and finally I have to go back to 17154.
  5. but switching from PECompact to UPX takes advantage of high speed of decompressing program image and resources.
  6. I would like to be a tester of Web UI. Please count me in. Reasons: * I work in school and I need monitoring the downloads, but VNC/remote desktop can't be used. * interested in testing new features * I'd like to test WebUI with browsers e.g. Dillo/Konqueror etc. * I have experience in building/testing/reporting bugs, for example: - eMule Plus - Mozilla Firefox - Mozilla Minimo