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    µTorrent WebUI

    As i'm sure you expected DreadWingKnight, that fixed it. Thank you kindly for your assistance, it is appreciated.
  2. buckawucku

    µTorrent WebUI

    I've read these posts and still cannot seem to resolve my problem..... Running v2.0 now and have removed the old .zip file (.361) from the apps data/utorrent directory and replaced with "utorrent-webui.2010020718333315.zip", but it still opens saying it's 0.361 and has all the look and feel of that version. While that still seems to work for the most part, it is not allowing me to add a new torrent from the WebUI. I'm running Firefox 3.5.8 and uT 2.0 Have also tried hitting the ESC key to refresh the settings without success. Is there something i need to do with the uT app that actually runs on the other machine (that I connect to on this one via the WebUI) to reflect the change to 2.0/0.370 ? Can someone please help?