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  1. shadek

    µTorrent WebUI

    Is this project cancelled completely these days? After many years of use I still use it several times a day!
  2. I've been a fan boy of µTorrent ever since it first was released, but I'm sticking with the old 1.6 version. Works excellent and is guaranteed to come without any myserious stuff.
  3. shadek reporting in. i am away a lot, and my 1 gb connection home really is needed to be taken care of. i live here aprox. 4 days a week only. so that's 3 days where i cant do anything with my connection. that's how bad i need it. furthermore, im quite active in the µtorrent-community, and im always on the irc channel in case i'd notice a bug.
  4. I've noticed the same thing. Sometimes the old file is still there.
  5. This is true. I only wish I didn't have to force encryption mode.
  6. Yeah, because as of right now, some BitComet-users leech the hell out of my initial seed of a 7 GB torrent.
  7. µTorrent needs to implement a system which prevents the abuse of the 'super-seeding'-mode. BitComet abuses it. Bittornado already fixed this... would it be possible to see this in the comming release of µTorrent?
  8. This is still on the frontpage: "the program itself is contained within a single executable less than 150 KB in size." THAT IS NOW WRONG. Correct would be less than 160 KB.
  9. Nice work with the automatic read_cache-feature. When I click "search for updates" for the client version and when click "download translation", no new version or language translation can be found, or it doesn't say anything. Wouldn't it make a few things clear if the client tells me no new updates are available?
  10. Only reason to release official 1.5 stable would be cuz the E and X flags would work better with more 1.5 µTorrent clients. The betas are incredibly stable. It's almost frightening.
  11. Isn't that great? A client which actually get a lot of features between versions and is as good as bug free.
  12. I really don't think µTorrent should adjust itself after Azureus. It's Azureus that should be fixed in the first place.
  13. Yeah, overall ratio would kick ass. Green numbers if it's >1, red numbers if it's <1.
  14. A lot of new requests have emerged lately. Most of them deal with the statistics part. Many people want more things to be listed (total ratio etc). They also want a "reset to default" button instead of deleting the file which includes both statistics and settings. This shouldn't be too hard too implement before µTorrent 1.5. What do you think Firon? Are these ideas worthy enough to forward to Ludde?