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  1. Thats not the full trueth cause peole wanted that everyone who dont uses betas get the encryption and that was important now for sure evryone wants new versions Its the normal way
  2. Yes, the Language download thing is broken.... I cannot download the file (it worked one time). No message comes and sometimes you cant check for a new version cause the threat hangs up or something. I cant belive why so many of you want to change every sooooooo unimportant thing. Let the poor small icon be what it is...
  3. Ahh ok it will be included in a new beta but not in a final?!?... ... I understand... To the tab-icon-thing I find it very nice and hope it comes in the next publics and final too
  4. This was said many times before... And I wrote "fix" cause its a work around. @firon thanks the fix will be in the public b430? And is that what rafi postet (the quote from irc) another thing or is it the same i write about?
  5. Yes, it relly looks much much better. The old icons were so crap... But I didn´t see the "fix" for hashfails in the changelog
  6. It would be good if the rare- file- priorize can be turned on for single torrents as requested before. But also an automatic detection wich of the modes should be used. So the automatic is for default and can change to on and off. I dont think it should be too hard to implement the automatic detection Or am I wrong?
  7. I would be nice, if I can change an option in settings too recive beta updates automatically too. If the program have such a nice feautre why dont use it for betas too...?