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  1. As is An Hero-ing, but it isn't necessarily the preferable option either, You can find most of the older betas at file hippo just look along the right hand side for versioning, just be aware that they most likely aren't uploaded by utorrent staff and so they may have been messed with...
  2. this issue is not resolved in 22007, also I noticed that it runs at 25% cpu maybe there's something glitched in the code that is restricting it to only one core?
  3. yeah, as soon as the switch from 21738 to 21882 was made, the UI would hang and not come up... I can see the network traffic running as per normal via a packet sniffer, and can see the disk access going on, but the UI just doesn't come up... I even tried rolling back and deselecting all of the tray UI effects then redoing the update, and restarting the computer, but to no avail.... so I guess I'm staying rolled back until the next iteration...
  4. Why was the spyware toolbar, webpage, and search gear bundled into the install on this version? I thought that uTorrent was one of the few companies left not trying to puke this stuff into people's computers. Very disappointed in that really...