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  1. Why that ? Could this be an option ?Now it's impossible to download the content of a torrent on the root of a drive.
  2. About "Auto uplink throttling", if "Alternate upload rate when not downloading" is checked in the prefs the auto uplink throttling is useless, because it changes the first value, and if you don't download, the automatic value is not taken in account.
  3. Hi, I would like to beta test the WebUI I'm using µTorrent on my network, and I would like to access it remotely without having to use something like VNC or Remote Desktop. I already done beta testing with other software. I'm using WinXP Pro on both machines, and I'll use Firefox mainly for remote access.
  4. On that page, it says: This clearly means that stopped torrents are not "downloading". On the same page, it also says: note "until". It is "seeding" until you click the "Finish" button, when it becomes Finished. The Status column in utorrent uses the terms: Downloading Stopped Seeding Finished as four different things. Having the categories use the same words to mean different things is bad design. BTW, it seems that the words that some of you are looking for are Incomplete and Complete, which is actually the words used throughout the P2P world for what the two categories are in F7. I agree, those categories should be renamed, or new categories should be added.