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  1. Quick UI issues in this build: 1) the color of the "active/downloading torrent" blue arrow is the same as the highlight color so it disappears when you click on the torrent. Make it a tad lighter/darker. 2) The space between the arrows/checkmarks and the left border in the "Name" is too big. Those arrows should be closer to the left border. 3) You cannot "shrink" the width of the fields beyond a certain point. For example, Ratio column is very wide but you can't adjust its width and shrink it. Let me know if you need screenshots of this to make it even clearer. However, there's a 100% usage bug in this build After about 20 min of seeding, µTorrent's CPU usage was over 100% The 0.9.2 branch has no such issues and I have been running it for days on end without restarting. Let me know if I can help!
  2. Yay! Thank you Firon!!!! Downloading now. PS: For how long will you be releasing betas of both the 0.9.2 and 0.9.3 branches? Will 0.9.2 be depreciated soon?
  3. I like it! I love the bottom section (details) and the whole app has that "pro app" look to it. I think if you reduced the luminosity of the icons and colors (so they're less glaring) people who have complained would like it more The red & green color, in particular in icons and the bottom section, is very bright. I'd reduce their saturation. But overall, the app is now looking closer and closer to having the features of its Win cousin. I friggin love it! Awesome job guys!!!!