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  1. saivert

    BEncode Editor

    The 64-bit build has a weird bug: (Click image for full size) Looks like it's missing the resource data except dialog resources of course or maybe there are format incompatibilities. I could probably help you with the 64-bit build if I had the sources available. Got Visual Studio 2008 installed on Vista Ultimate x64
  2. saivert

    WebUI v0.315

    So the only latest release of the WebUI files are on the first post in this thread? No newer release?
  3. This thread has derailed. Talk about the new µTorrent release. Stop arguing about whether Azureus or µTorrent is the better client, and stop arguing about BitTorrent protocol specifications. This new release fixes things. That can only be good. Thank you for the new version. I'm out...
  4. saivert

    WebUI v0.315

    Is there a newer beta of WebUI out? I'm having problems scrolling through the torrents, it hides the list and only displays one torrent name at the time and then after a while displays the list again. The UI just feels slow. Maybe it needs a faster internet connection. What's the minimum required? Maybe µTorrent should reserve bandwidth for the UI when it is in use so that seeding torrents don't claim it all.
  5. Well this is a major problem. I don't see how ISPs can justify throttling or even blocking off BitTorrent traffic. We pay for the bandwidth and should be able to use 100% of it for whatever suits us. If I will not be able to kill the pipe of the ISP. I'm only getting the bandwidth I'm paying for anyway (if the ISP has done the math). ISPs should never become middlemen for RIAA or MPAA (but if they pass a law about it they obviously would have to comply in order to continue business). The minister of culture here in Norway states that he wants to stop filesharing of copyrighted material and further mentions enforcing the ISP to limit it's clients connections as a possibility. Currently no known ISP here in Norway blocks P2P traffic.
  6. This new feature of µTorrent looks promising. Altough something similar has existed in Azureus it's nice that we can have a WebUI feature in a true Win32 client like µTorrent. I can test it on Firefox and InternetExplorer, but I assume the HTML design is being tested to perfection on Firefox before tweaking it to look good in Internet Explorer as well. I will try to give good feedback as I have some coding experience. I especially want to know what framework is being used for the HTTP daemon part of WebUI. Currently I use Remote Desktop (or Terminal Services if you wish) to control my PC and checking µTorrent but the RDP connection is often slow as µTorrent eats up alot of the bandwidth when seeding and I got an asyncronous connection (3000/512kbps atm). If there is going to be support for customizing the HTML pages generated by the WebUI part of µTorrent I will smile. E-Mail: (just spam me, I got GMail Spam protection).