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  1. ^^lol!!


    Actually, If u take away all of Az's many extra features, I think Az default settings are better for noobs tha uT's. Especially in the advanced options. Plus the auto connection optimizer that Az has fills in settings automatically where in uT we have to set em ourselves. Now if twizttid13 meant that, than Az is a client more for noobs than uT. I think thats why in later versions, the default settings are gonna be different in uT. uT actually made me wanna go back and mess around with Az's advanced options, just to see some things.

    (then again, I might be giving twizttid13 too much credit......:P. But hey, I always give folks the benefit of the doubt. He will let me know if Im right or wrong real soon......)

    What's the fun in using a client without tweaking it though? ;)

  2. 1.1.8 takes care of the connection attempt limit by limiting it to 8 connection attempts (the same amount as Azureus). uTorrent's default settings will be adjusted to work better. :P The cache will be increased slightly by default, flush files will be on by default, diskio.write_delay will no longer be changeable, and possibly other changes.

    and DHT is up and working.. I have been in IRC 24/7

    =] =] =]

    1.1.8 testers are so lucky rawr..

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