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  1. What did you move out of ~/Library ? You shouldn't need to mess with that.
  2. You could try deleting your settings file. You will need to adjust your preferences again, but it may solve your problem. Settings are at ~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent Quit µTorrent and then delete the settings.dat file and empty the trash. The next time µT runs it will create a new settings.dat and hopefully it will respect your download location choices.
  3. @escobar µTorrent should not ordinarily put files there. Have you restarted µT since you set it back to the correct place? Is the "Put new downloads in" box checked? Were you ever downloading to an external USB drive? Please let us know if you're not able to get it downloading into the correct directory again.
  4. Yes, a sample would help. You can PM me.
  5. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. You could try clearing cookies and using another browser. So far we're not able to repro here.
  6. Is there any more info you think we should have? Where did you put
  7. There is a problem with the assisted "install" of the webui, but it should be working for you if you do it manually. Copying the to ~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent should work. Lion hides the Library folder by default, but you can easily get to it by selecting Go in the Finder and holding down Opt, which will reveal the Library as an option.
  8. We are aware of the UI issue on Lion where the General tab misrenders after you click away and then return. You can get it to redraw by just resizing the frame or scrolling within it if your window is smaller. Beyond the cosmetic issues, any problems with downloads on Lion?
  9. Does the feed itself work? Can you download the torrent from the master feed, but the smart feed is not showing the same torrent and not autodownloading? If that's the case, you can try "clear feed history" on the smart feed. Maybe it was already started at some point and now it's not showing up anymore. Or maybe it's a bug. Please let us know your results and we'll try to get it fixed.
  10. We're looking at everything that's reported. Keep em coming.
  11. Same problem here! Thanks for the reports. Yep, this is a bug. We'll get fixes out soon.
  12. @FLYingGOD and everyone - thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about specific features and elements of the client. We are very interested in ALL the feedback we get especially when it's specific (extra points if it's not insulting. Mods too!) We are actively incorporating the feedback from this beta and will roll out updates soon and work to address new issues it's bound to have. We want to "get it right", so please continue to help us make/keep uTorrent great.
  13. If you're not too frustrated you could try the alpha 0.9.2 ( We will put out another rev soon, but it might be worth a try. These are alpha and betas so we do appreciate feedback on the bugs. The more detail we have, the more quickly we can get fixes out.