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  1. Diffrent speeds and high CPU! Download and update speeds are not updating or updating every minut or so!
  2. Beta 1.5.2 does not show the right download and upload speeds. In fact it shows 3 diffrent speeds on dock, bottom window and torrent list. Mac OSX 10.6.7 Utorrent 1.5.2 beta
  3. Any news on how it goes with update of stable client?
  4. I am impressed! Thank you µtorrent team!
  5. I think everyone have given upp this app as developers are so damn lazy. That is why no one has writen a comment on mac forums in almost 2 weeks. When i critisized them earlier there where people saying that i was in hurry, what do you have to say now ha? I AM OFF TO TRANSMISSION!
  6. Ok! How much should i pay for a new release?
  7. Yea, no need to maintain two apps that looks and acts and probably have the exact same code inside. And yet another two weeks passes by without any update now it has gone several months since the stable version released. I hope i had another decent choice and could change to it, i guess i will sell my mac and buy myself a Shitindows instead!
  8. Bittorrent mainline 7.0 for Mac is exactly the same as
  9. If transmission worked for me i would be gone long long long ago but the problem is its not working properly, at least on my machine. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. Yea give them a break, obviously they have been on break ever since they started the mac version.
  10. Impatient! No i am not, nor did i ask you to begin dealing with setting releases dates. At least not on windows because new versions and futures being aded regularly but it is a different story on mac version, it passed 3 years before you released a stable version with some very necessary futures missing and now the developers have been working to implement a simple future in 3 months. Now if every little future is going to take 4-5 months to implement and lets say there are 10 futures missing, it will go 3 to 4 more years before the mac version will be what windows version is now and god knows what futures will be in windows version by then.
  11. The question is not if its coming or not! The question is when it will come. Mac section of forums have been nearly dead for a few months now and i don't think adding a future like choosing download directory is soooooooooo hard to implement that you need almost 4 months of work for it unless you are planning to release a version with future parity now. We are not talking about some open source app that has limited developers with limited time here. YOU ASSURE OSS THAT IT WILL COME BUT WHEN? WHEN I AM 200 YEARS MAYBE?
  12. No Mefi! They are toooooooooo busy with windows version!