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  1. my two cents.... i'd been a very happy subscriber of cox high speed internet (orange county) for roughly 6 years. in fact, i'd defend them because i was proud of having an isp which does not throttle or "prioritize" oversold bandwidth. yeah.... last november they introduced some garbage called "powerboost" which was essentially supposed to be a burst of bandwidth in either direction if needed. i never quite understood what would qualify as "needed" but at the time it wasn't bothering me and i'd been able to max out my upload and download steadily for the several years i'd been using utorrent. at the same time they announced the speedboost feature they also upgraded my speed tier by about 50%. i used to subscribe to 12/1 cable internet and it got bumped up to something like 20/1.5mb/s. this is when everything went downhill. ever since november of last year it's been an absolute struggle to maintain any constant upload speed over 30kB/s. i know my torrents have good peer activity and there is no reason there should be any fluctuation in my speeds as i'm actually uploading alot of the content myself so i know that my line should be maxed out. i've stress tested my connection under every possible situation i could think of and it's always been a meager 20-30kB/s. im not sure what method they are using to throttle me but i am absolutely positive it's happening. needless to say i'm very pissed off about it