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  1. How to skip checking skipped files? I think that it would be logical to skip checking skipped files....
  2. I've got a problem with last build. It displays ADs. How to disable that useless ADs?
  3. Hi! Please do some work on GUI 1)All is ok here 2)availability bar looks too bright(it will be nice to get background color form windows theme settings) 3)graph looks too bright (hope for system background color here too) 4)Look at the peer tab - it doesn't know about system settings
  4. Still VERY unstable comparing to 3.0 32-bit. And ~1.5-10 times more CPU load comparing to 2.2.1. Also, 3.x versions are forbidden on some trackers (I don't know why)...
  5. There's a memory leak. After closing uTorrent free memory increased by 3440.64 MB.
  6. Maybe it should work like (if bigger than maximum set to maximum... but not 1 mbyte)
  7. I've found bug in cache- if I set cache size to 2048 - it thinks that cache size==1 2.2.1 23984
  8. I'm using latest 3 at the moment. It has memory leaks(cache size is 2048, uTorrent eats more than 5 Gig of my RAM, but that memory is not assigned to uTorrent process). After restarting(force killing process) uTorrent memory usage grows slowly (~3 gigs per 8 hours). My hardware & soft: CPU:Phenom II (4 cores@2.6Ghz) RAM: 8Gb HDD: 3x(160Gb)SATAII(RAID0) OS:Win7 x64 Enterprise
  9. Less stable than 3.0 20228.. After update crashes almost every hour...
  10. I've got a (bug/non-rational resource usage)... uTorrent seeds 600KBytes per second... While seeding it reads from disk 35-37Mbytes per second... In about 8 hours it read about 686 GBytes from disk.. Cache is set to 512Mbytes....