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  1. With windows XP after waiting about 30 minutes after switching token to "true" I can now browse to http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/token.html but there is no content just an empty page. (Previously I got page not found) But using the utorrent mobile client on my mobile I still get:- Details: unable to refresh Authentication Token: null Thanks again for all your help with this problem & hopefully you can fix this issue for me
  2. Hi mr sharpoblunto Thanks for the quick responses. I have now enabled token authentication in utorrent - Prefences - advanced & changed "webui.token_auth" from "false" to "true". I have restarted utorrent & waited about 5 minutes but I cannot access http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/token.html (Tested using windows XP & Firefox 3.5) After looking through the "" in C:\Document and settings\username\application Data\utorrent I noticed that I can browse using firefox 3.5 all files inside the archive from external eg. http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/images/about.png http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/main.css.gz etc There does not appear to be a file named "token.html" in the root of, do I need to create one? (I also tried doing the solution from but did not change my results so I reverted back)
  3. Hi mr sharpoblunto Thanks for responding. WebUI token authentication is currently turned off at the moment so I cannot access /gui/token.html. So it looks like I will need to setup that first using this guide "". Will let you know how I go & thanks again for the help Just out of interest can you use utorrent mobile v1.60 without having a token authentication enabled on utorrent v1.8.3 with the webui 0.361?
  4. Hi I have a Nokia 6220 Classic (brand new) & I have installed v1.60 but I keep getting this error message:- Server not found Details: unable to refresh authentication Token: null My utorrent server is running v1.8.3 with the webui 0.361 on same port using HTTP only. Any ideas what I need to do to solve this problem?