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  1. It is not completly true what it says in the FAQ. You dont have to select 'big exe' . And win98 is almost always default. P.S.: I haven't read that .
  2. Nope, i'm still downloading (2 torreents now, and more than 1000 files) and it still works. The only thing is that i get the NAT error, but i think i have to coonfigure my firewall on Linux (when i found out how). But it works (around 15KB/s, so that is not bad I guess)
  3. I found out that there is a way to use utorrent under linux. First I tried it with wine, but it wouldn't connect to the net. Then I tried it with Cedega (WineX) and it works! Cedega is based on wine but it's made to 'emulate' windows games. It costs ( ) about 15 dollars per month. But I'm sure you can find it on the net. I used Cedega 5.0.1 with an update to 5.0.3 and I just pressed Install and selected utorrent. Hopefully this will help Linux users. Edit by Firon: The normal Wine runs it now, and does so much better than Cedega. BSD can run it as well.