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  1. torrent issues are not utorrent problem you need to contact the site your getting your torrents from.
  2. If you don't know your O/S and firewall and A/V settings then help will be hard to give help to.
  3. Where are you getting your torrents at? Torrent problem are to be contact with the torrent provider not utorrent.
  4. Means ISP throttle and considering the ISP speed you have, it sounds like they throttle any kinda torrent activity. If your regular email and google searches pulls up fast that means they are watching for torrent usage and if they find them they throttle the internet speeds. If this is the case there is nothing anyone on here can do to help you-to fix this you will have to resolve between you and your ISP why they are throttle your torrent usage.
  5. That is ISP and you to fix. Means they throttle because you use torrents nothing utorrent can do.
  6. You got some other problem going on if those are Defender and Windows Firewall.
  7. This tells us nothing much to know what is going on. How about using the links to download slackware on my signature and then post a screen shot of the download activity and that will at least tell where if the problem lies at. Otherwise changing Router doesn't slow down your speeds more has to do with your ISP now sees torrent activity and throttle your internet is what is going on.
  8. utorrent has no control of what netbalancer does and you should contact them to figure this problem out first. Also unless netbalancer is monitoring utorrent activity it will give you the wrong information.
  9. Did you not ask the site where you got the link from? That would be something I would ask the download site first. And since it isn't a torrent file or torrent made - torrent software will not download it. Also asking such is beyond utorrent forum as well so you need to contact the download site and ask them not come asking utorrent which doesn't deal with those downloads not are we allowed to help with downloads help or discussion.
  10. First that isn't your laptop to do for your personal usage that is your institution laptop and by that you agreed to their TOS. So asking for such help will get lectured on TOS usage. Those laptop were provided you for a specific reason and only that if you want to download and mess with torrents do that on your own computer. If they find torrents usage on their laptop consider yourself being shown the door.
  11. I don't see how what your doing is in relation to utorrent help? Also there is no help for what your asking to add peer-that is something you yourself will have to figure out. If your not loading the right driver for your phone on your computer then it will not see the phone. So for android connection problems you need to contact mobile provider for help on that.
  12. utorrent has nothing to do with nor discuss problems with other torrents sites that is with you and them to resolve. No one on here will help you with finding sites dealing with torrents that is yours to find and do. Ask for such will get this thread closed.
  13. What site are you talking about? If no one can go there to test to see if what happens as you mentioned then no one can know what is going on. Also what version of utorrent are you using as well and what A/V program is running?
  14. Sounds more like a hardware/software problem. As it doesn't sound like no one else is experiencing this problem per say be related to your setup. And since no one is there to see any setups or see how it is installed blaming utorrent tell much of anything. I ran utorrent with my mobile phone driver app and it has no problem with utorrent so just by the face of it this issue isn't related to utorrent but probably shows up because utorrent is running doesn't equate to a utorrent problem. Have you tried this on another computer to see if the same problem happens? Unless you can reproduce or show this problem on another hardware then it because a hardware/software issue with your current system not utorrent.
  15. Unless it has a torrent file for that extension then there is no way to get it. Otherwise you need to contact the site that your trying to get the file from and ask them for help on it. If there is no torrent format utorrent will not work for it.