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  1. Alternate upload rate

    If you the only one uploading or downloading it the speeds will just be you. So unless more are sharing or downloading or sharing just one person won't change the rates.
  2. Quick Port Forwarding Question

    Never had to portforward utorrent since using it and my speeds are just fine, thank-you. I use a proxy setting and I haven't had any problems with my downloads speeds. I only made a few setting change without portfoward and a permission to run in firewall changes to permit utorrent to run and that was all I did in Windows 10 as in Windows 7 of which I didn't have to make changes in the firewall. And my speeds have always been the same and also I am utorrent version not v3 because of v3 problems. Haven't had any security problem from the other utorrent and don't needs ads wasting my bandwidth either.
  3. Stuck torrents

    No, if your dead torrent is a active not stopped or paused torrent file it will keep looking forever.
  4. Quick Port Forwarding Question

    I would say no unless utorrent is slowing down I keep as it for now. And also stay away from prohibitied torrent sites as downloading from such sights will peak the interest of you ISP to throttle your utorrent usage.
  5. Stuck torrents

    You stop it so it will download the next available torrent on your list. Nothing more you can do if a torrent does nothing or is dead link. Worse comes to worse just delete the torrent and remove any files it downloaded to clear up space and continue with other live torrents.
  6. how to resume downloads after reloading system

    Before doing so make sure all your same settings are the same after the reloading of the system otherwise if you copy the appdata/user folder back it will not work properly and read the utorrent migration instructions as well: How do I migrate torrents from a different client to uTorrent? http://help.utorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826054 Also if you don't backup the appdata/user folder/utorrent folder all your torrent settings and config and current torrent loads will be lost as well and you will have to start from "0" also if you stored your torrent and settings and downloads on the Main drive this could be a issue as the files themselves if you had settings for pre-file allocated space could cause problem if not placed in the right locations as well either. So you need to take not of all the settings where they were set before re-loading otherwise you will troubleshooting for quiet some time to fix it. As it seems you used the Windows "my download" folder if you deleted anything then everything is gone because that is most likely the location it kept all the torrent files and downloaded files. You can't resume progress if you deleted the torrent and the downloaded files since now there is nothing pointing to them. Resume only works if the torrent files and saved files exists to continue the download otherwise you will have to start from "0" and find the torrents to begin again. If what you did wipe clean all those files then there is nothing that can fix what happened but to start from a clean utorrent setup and learn from this that you need to first plan before just deleting and then asking questions that won't help after the fact now.
  7. Stuck torrents

    Screen shot of the problem? It could be a dead torrent in which there is nothing you can do to fix it. Or if the uploader removes or stop the torrent sharing then your left to wait until someone else uploads it or the uploader starts the torrent again. Torrents speeds are dependent of the swarm and sharing and if there is enough bandwidth to torrent the file otherwise less bandwidth the slower the speed. And also don't forget ISP throttle can also be happening if they detect torrent usage if this is the case there is nothing you can do about it since they can throttle any torrent activity.
  8. Consistently crashes

    That makes no sense what your talking about.
  9. Consistently crashes

    Saying people using to many Firewall and A/V is asking for problem from the start. Sample torrent and where from would tell what the site is torrenting would tell if they are working or fake torrents. The response when people use to many firewall and A/V has been proven time and time again each program will cause and block the other from work and then will finally block other software from working. It's plainly simple but when asked to use only one firewall and one A/V to see what happens people don't listen to try one method to see where the problem is coming from but complain. So if one doesn't try something different then diagnosing the problem then nothing will help.
  10. Consistently crashes

    That is the same line others use which will never get real help. It's not common to use multiple firewalls and A/V unless you want to have problem. And doing so has not work which has been debunked. Also know no one here knows how up to date your system is - as no one is sitting next to you to check either so that is why that is asked. Since you have bitdefender if they changed something in the software you will never know of which is most of the time they update and make changes and baam things that worked before stopped working. So it's not something common using to many firewalls and A/V compound the problem not help that is a Fact and proven time and time again-whether or not one will listen to logic. Since one isn't willing to show examples so help can be given no help will be given. No one here knows what is going on that side when asking for help but refusing to give specific so someone can see where the problem is will go no where fast here. Remember this is a user help forum and if you want help you have to provide help in return.
  11. How to use the debugger

    That has nothing to do with utorrent and no one will help with another company software. You need to contact Adobe support for that help. That is beyond utorrent help.
  12. Consistently crashes

    To many firewalls will also cause problems as well. Uninstall bitdefender completely and use the Windows Defender and Windows Firewall and see what happens. Is both of those drivers up to date? And is your system a acutal Windows 10 computer or did you upgrade to Windows 10? Also what version of utorrent are you using and what are you downloading that is causing the crash? Knowing what your downloading might give some clues to what is going on.
  13. Unknown host (11001)

    First disable it completely and try again if it fails then uninstall Avast completely and try again and if it works then you know the problem.
  14. Cannot find my finished torrents

    Did you look at your Preferences setting to see if anything changed? I would look there first to see if anything changed.
  15. RSS Downloader Help

    Contact the site that your using utorrent to download and see what help they can tell you how to download RSS from their site with utorrent.