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  1. U torrent 2.2.1 Preferences

    Check your bandwidth allocations could be one is set higher priority causing the other to slow down. Also if there isn't alot of the files to download it will switch to uploading speed. So look at your settings to see which has more allocations.
  2. VPN (especially PrivateVPN) with uTorrent?

    I am used Proxy settings and have no throttles so that could be VPN doesn't like your using them for utorrent actions so they throttle all torrent activities.
  3. Is uTorrent somehow under attack?

    utorrent isn't malware it's when user download torrent files that contain malware and cry fowl that utorrent gave them malware but it never gave them malware to start with.
  4. Are those for each individual or is that just tracker for one torrent file?
  5. How do I migrate torrents from a different client to uTorrent? http://help.utorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826054
  6. How about you let it finishing checking before asking if there is a problem.
  7. Is uTorrent somehow under attack?

    utorrent has nothing to do with how sites whom hosts torrents deal with and transmit their torrents. Torrent issues have a multitude of problems that can result in slow speeds. 1. ISP throttle 2. Dead torrent 3. Poisoned torrent 4. Fake torrent 5.etc...you get the picture
  8. VPN (especially PrivateVPN) with uTorrent?

    We don't discuss VPN or Proxy on here this isn't the reason for this forum existing. Others will think by discussing VPN that it's a help for VPN but that is beyond the scope of utorrent help here. If you want VPN help contact the VPN provider for more help.
  9. WIthout Upload?

    Then you will get almost 0 download. Torrents are a give and take set to low and you will have yourself throttle by the torrent itself.
  10. How to increase connection timeout?

    Find better torrents that have more swarms or shares.
  11. The Black Screen Problem

    Sounds like a Power setting issue otherwise if not then your O/S is corrupted and can't tell when to hibernate or sleep mode thus causing your problem. That isn't a utorrent fault.
  12. What your asking is not possible searching a ext HDD is far easier the redownloading wasting space and time. And by removing files and torrent you would download the same file again. utorrent isn't a search type program but a torrent downloader only and what your asking for is what Explorer does and search and rearranges functions. If you had created a Trash folder where completed torrents go you would find it faster what was download and what wasn't.
  13. Downloading Speed CHanges When I Stop Other Files

    From the read of it they share the same line so they will share the bandwidth and the one with the most seeding will be the active one is what it sounds like. And when you stop the others the speed increase because there is no other torrents sharing the same bandwidth. Also your ISP doesn't control utorrent speeds that is dependent on the torrent being shared. That's how I see it the more you download the more the bandwidth needs to spread around and the one that is most active will take first in line.
  14. As said that is with the site hosting your torrent not a utorrent issue to support.
  15. Sounds like ISP throttle or bad torrent.