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      On June 6th, 2016, BitTorrent was made aware of a security issue involving the vendor which powers our forums.
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  1. From where did that message come from?
  2. What your router does and allows is nothing utorrent can do about it. You need to contact your Router support to talk to them to fix the problem. What in the past are you talking about? When I see utorrent saying closed means to me the destination is dead or closed from torrent connection. I got UPnp enable and have no problem with utorrent. It sounds more like a router problem from the read of it.
  3. And does it remain active until it finish?
  4. Put this way you will have to restart your torrents in Windows 7 setup. If you copied the appdata/userfolder the new setup must match exactly as the old setup to work with the ext. Drive otherwise it will loose all the info and you will have to restart each torrents from the beginning again. I know this because even when I installed Windows 10 and kept the appdata/user folder I had to restart all the torrents again even when using the exact same setup. So what you need to do is read the utorrent migration instructions before you update otherwise if you loose the torrents there's nothing anyone can do to help you.
  5. What happens if you stop all the torrents before closing it and then when you reopen just start only one torrent and then close it down. What does it do when you do that?
  6. That doesn't indicate that utorrent initiated the problem. That screen shot says it crashed it didn't say utorrent was the problem. So what else are you running when it crashes?
  7. And there is no way you can provide that screen shot? Saying "regular windows style dialog box" tells us next to nothing here.... And did you uninstall completely all utorrent and delete the appdata folder it created and reinstalled to see where the problem was?
  8. What A/V and Firewall are you using? What does it say when it crashes besides the dump file?
  9. Reads you need more seeds and peers if you want more bandwidth to download what your doing. Your seeds and peers are to small of a swarm to make anymore speeds then you getting. So unless that has more file sharing it's not going to go any faster then what your getting. And ISP speeds has no factor in this.
  10. AFAIK utorrent will reconnect to the torrent from my usage of utorrent - I think your problem is from your ISP problem not a utorrent issue.
  11. Where is the complete unedited tabs that show "Seeds and Peers". Not showing enough information will make it harder if you really want others reading to give you more help not from me but others reading this.
  12. Windows defender or whom? You need to be more clear on this. I use Windows 10 Defender and have no problem using utorrent. I think you might have other blocking.
  13. Speeds are bandwidth dependent and how many seeders they are and since your cropped screen shot shows no seeders to compare how would you expect anyone looking to know what is happening? More details are needed if one wants any help. And what are you settings? So there are alot of missing parts here for anyone else reading to know where to look for help.
  14. FYI... Speedtest doesn't test torrent speeds. You are attempting to match torrent speeds to ISP speeds and the to couldn't be more opposite. Torrent speeds are based on seeds and swarm and your ISP doesn't base your bandwidth from that. Torrent speeds will never approach ISP speeds if it did that all internet around the world would collapse by sheer overloaded bandwidth. Also dead seeds doesn't go anywhere and should your ISP can and will throttle internet usage when it sees torrent activity as well.
  15. What are you talking about how is this related to utorrent problem? If the problem exits before utorrent catch the link then you got a browser problem if that is the case.