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  1. Facebook traffic isn't bandwidth heavy like torrent traffic is. Those are two different platforms. Also that user has no access to the Company Router to start with.
  2. For one thing you have to migrate to utorrent pc for this to work and in the past there was a utorrent migration FAQ but I don't see that any longer so you will have to somehow find that and use that to help to migrate to utorrent PC at this point.
  3. If you look at my replies there is a signature file at the end of each of the reply...Do you not see it? Does slackware torrents slow or stop? http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php If the torrents start out high and then starts to drop to kilobytes then you got ISP problems.
  4. So did you properly name the torrent when creating it?
  5. When using company Internet they most likely throttle torrent software using.
  6. So what version is that your using?
  7. Did you try 2.2 version? Maybe v1.2 isn't compatible with Win10.
  8. Screen shot of the error and issue? No one can tell from what is mentioned what happening or what the stats are.
  9. As you can see my reply why not try to download my slackware torrents and see what happens to your torrent activity. And the signature file also tells you what happens if ISP throttle is happeing as well.
  10. Are you sure it's not asking for update during the install and you checked the box to check for update after install? That's the only other think I could think of that could happen that would ask for something like that. Unless your using a Pro version and that might check for user registration.
  11. Version and site you downloaded from?
  12. As to the other poster there is nothing in the signature file posting to tell anyone what it does. Maybe if you put one there one can see it.
  13. What does the bottom status rate says that is at the bottom of utorrent itself? Before you showed the screen shot where it had the DHT, D, U showing? I saw that screen and it says 9.7Mbits. Just remember your torrent speeds isn't the same as your ISP speed those two aren't the same. So just be sure to know that. I seen 4.5mbits on my side but my ISP was 50gbit speeds.
  14. Did you try to change the Global upload rate to a specific range to see if that changes?
  15. Unless others start to share or upload the same files the numbers will show it. And until that happens there not much one can do til then.