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  1. Then there are no seeders then if that is the case. At which point you can do nothing otherwise you need to contact the site hosting the torrent and tell them about a dead link.
  2. Sounds more like a dead or fake torrent. You need to find yourself more reliable torrents to download.
  3. FYI this is the start of your problem I put little faith in that program to do it work. I use Defender and have no problems with utorrent. That program is sorely outdated and there are more reliable ones. Here's what someone said and it was just in 2015: It used to be way better back in the days, but it seems like it can't compete anymore with modern Anti-Malware solutions like Emsisoft Anti-Malware Free and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  4. Since you give no info on what version or torrent you downloading this is getting no where fast. BSOD are Windows sys corruption or bad installs. utorrent problem only happen because of those factors interfering with utorrent running to make it look like utorrent of which is isn't a utorrent problem. And google search tells basically nothing when you don't even know what the BSOD error message says if you actually looked up that error message then you would at least narrow it done but since you refused to do that even no help will be coming.
  5. utorrent doesn't cause BSOD Windows history is exclusive to Windows being the primary case of BSOD in the first case. Only other BSOD is bad software installs or failing hardware that would cause this but since it isn't then utorrent isn't the cause. As to buying Pro those questions are handled through email support only.
  6. Anytime I see this it's the file itself of the location your getting from that is the cause of the problem or your A/V as mentioned has corrupted a Sys file or possible you got a virus through the torrent you downloaded that is using this line to prevent you from seeing what it is doing. In all my times of torrents anytime I get a message like that I look to see if the file wasn't corrupted or has a malware embedded into it. If this didn't happen before but just started happening then I would suspect where the torrents are as the likely culprit. But since Kapersky is undetermined then a clean restore and reinstall is the only way to know where the problem is coming from.
  7. Does this happen to any other internet usage like WWW when not torrenting at the same time?
  8. Just because it is public doesn't mean there is something there. You can't change a torrent if the site hosting fails to fix the torrent file problem. So you need to contact site to fix their public torrent problem.
  9. Screen would help more and what version are you using so those looking can see if something can be done.
  10. Then it means the torrent file itself has some problem and nothing utorrent can do about it.
  11. Either it is fake or not enough seeders or your ISP is throttling your internet. utorrent can only upload and download how they configure their torrent is up the torrent creator so you need to contact them about their torrent problem. utorrent can't help you with IP problem that is between you and the torrent IP your getting it form to fix.
  12. utorrent has nothing to do with the torrent IP address.
  13. Pro questions are to be email support and does not get help on the forum here.
  14. If this is a problem you need to do a "report" error to the support time not on the forum to get better assistance.
  15. I found in my instances if the torrent matches and it add onto the trackers of the same torrent which shows a increase in download and upload.