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  1. What A/V or firewall is installed? If it never did that in the past and suddenly now did you check if something was update?
  2. You shouldn't install from the Limited user account that should be still done from the Admin so that you don't get the UAC password install even if it's in a D: drive.
  3. Help! utorrent wiped clean!

    FYI, user forum have a life outside of the internet and we get busy and respond back when we can not because we don't want to respond. Only other way to restore you torrents is if you remember where they came from or had a safe backup of the previous data otherwise those damage files can't be fixed.
  4. Are you sure you didn't download one as torrent and one as magnet to because to have files with .ut means something else was downloading into the same folder.
  5. Did it give you the option to install for all users? And did you install utorrent in it's own folder not in Programx86? If so you might want to make in the root of C: ... C:\utorrent or on D:\utorrent and then from there it should created a shortcut on the Limited user where you can run it without having to always use the admin login to run it? If this wasn't tried you might try this and see if it works different. Remember this will create a appdata for the admin location and one in Limited user account. And when you create the folders to down to keep each task separate name it different like D:\utorrent\user1torrent for torrent and the same D:\utorrent\user1download for downloading torrents and then so one with the user1 as the separator so when you go looking for the torrent or files you know where to look and now have them all massed into one big jumbo folder that you will have no idea what is what and what is completed.
  6. uTorrent Player Usage

    What version are you using?
  7. Error: Can't open .torrent file

    That means to remove the torrent task but not the file. And reload the same torrent from where you got it and if it is the same one it will restart. That is what is meant. Also if I read right that error only comes up because the user moved the torrent file from it location where it was started at to give that error message because it can't find it.
  8. new torrent

    32 or 64 matters little to utorrent. And your context makes no sense as well since if you go to tracked site - you will get DMCA letters that's nothing for anyone on here to fix or do anything about. Put this way, I use the utorrent older version and have no issues but I use and configure my own proxy but that is what I did and what you do beyond utorrent sets that is up to you. If you don't want DMCA letters downloading torrents that have no problems-they could care less.
  9. Help! utorrent wiped clean!

    I've done hard restart on my utorrent before when it was running and all it did was recheck all my torrents. What yours did is more likely a crash and since no one was there to see or observe it that will be hard to now what happened. So that is why I said take it to a computer shop so they can see what is happening to fix it. I highly doubt a hard restarting would cause the amount of damage your referring to.
  10. Limited Availability

    That is the nature of torrents if there is no uploader or other sharing the file it will wait and wait til someone else shares the files. And that one seed one peer is "YOU" no one else how else would you expect to get a download that has no other sharing? Otherwise you need to do more searching to find another one of the same file.
  11. proxy test?

    utorrent forum help isn't here to ask such question. This forum isn't here to help with proxy settings. You should direct that to the proxy site your using to ask the question.
  12. uTorrent download version

    Also this thread is for Windows not Mac help so doing posting to right forum should be something to think about as well.
  13. Application in AppData folder

    Don't want to burst your bubble but I have the older utorrent and it has installed my data logs into appdata\roaming\user folder and the running program to a separate HDD and it works just fine. And I have installed utorrent on a Win10 computer and Limited users can't install without Admin password when from standard/limited accounts. Once the admin install the utorrent the standard/limited can use utorrent that how I installed it and it works just fine since utorrent doesn't have to reinstall again and I do turn off update as well to prevent any problems when on limited account.
  14. Help! utorrent wiped clean!

    You need to take to a computer shop and have them attempt recovery otherwise if you installed or used it since that time then recovery will be "0" chances to get back the lost data.
  15. Application in AppData folder

    Application data folder and Program files locations are two different files created to use utorrent. It has not changed from the past that I know of. The App folder contains the data for your torrent download data info - delete that and you will have to restart all your torrents from "0". Admin and Standard means you created the start in the admin side and to use the standard would require a separate creations. I don't know if you move or copy form the admin folder to standard would work.