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  1. uTorrent stuck on Connecting to Peers

    Read the posted instructions...
  2. Transfer torrent to remote server running utorrent

    How do I migrate torrents from a different client to uTorrent? http://help.utorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826054
  3. uTorrent stuck on Connecting to Peers

    Going through a Proxy will bypass going directly from your ISP of which was most likely throttling your torrent usage. Since they can't track the proxy your torrent won't be affected.

    Contact the site where your getting the torrent from to resolve your torrent problem.
  5. utorrent 0% downloading

    utorrent has nothing to do with how VPN works for that issue you need to contact VPN why it doesn't work with utorrent.
  6. Post approval

    End user can't help with that you need to contact the MOD for that reasoning.
  7. Or better get rid of Norton and or Avast and use Windows 10 Defender if your using Windows. I have no issue with Windows 10 Defender but I do use a older ut version not the latest but either way the A/V is too aggressive and not worth using it.
  8. change file color

    screen shot of the error?
  9. screen shot of the preferences setting in question?
  10. Was going to say this is utorrent forum help not to help with other software or hardware issues.
  11. utorrent 0% downloading

    What version of utorrent are you using?
  12. Rar files not opening in Utorrent

    Not a utorrent problem if you follow wrong directions.
  13. keep getting error message

    Not enough specs for anyone to follow what is happening.
  14. Force re-check ignores files

    Sounds more like dead or fake torrents. Find better torrents....
  15. Your ISP speeds are not your utorrent speed-let's get this corrected. If there aren't alot of seeders and your the only one the speeds will be kbs as your describing until someone else downloads and start uploading the same file will the speeds increase for sharing until that happens it will go up. Your inferring to many things as connected when nothing really connects them. And your common sense on seeder is misplaced already as shown. You should read up more on how utorrent works and not use dubious common sense to make bad claims here. Your download speed crash is likely result of your ISP throttling it and isn't the fault of utorrent.