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  1. Here's the problem you identified it already in the reply. It's not a utorrent problem.
  2. Did you read this part? https://forum.utorrent.com/topic/102429-utorrent-pro-support/
  3. The Problem is your ISP is now throttle anything they detect torrent regardless if legal or not.
  4. Then you got ISP throttle problems. At this point either you plead your case with them or stop using utorrent all together.
  5. I am currently using 2.0.4 and so far I hadn't had any problem with using it or file sharing with it. I tried myself with v3 when it came out and it messed up my torrent tracker and file and file save location that I got rid of v3 and went back to v2 and never had the problems again. So for me 2.0.4 is more then enough for my needs.
  6. I am currently using 2.0.4 b22450 and has worked fine for me that was the last one before trying ver 3 when it was inital released cause so much lost torrent and file that I got rid of ver 3 and went back to 2.0.4 b22450 and haven't had much problem using it.