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  1. PiusX

    Magnet makes uTorrent crash

    Here's the problem you identified it already in the reply. It's not a utorrent problem.
  2. PiusX

    Having Upgrade Problem

    Did you read this part? https://forum.utorrent.com/topic/102429-utorrent-pro-support/
  3. The Problem is your ISP is now throttle anything they detect torrent regardless if legal or not.
  4. Then you got ISP throttle problems. At this point either you plead your case with them or stop using utorrent all together.
  5. PiusX

    Downloading never ends

    DN and UP speeds aren't equal so that can lead to what you download not the same speed as upload. One need to take that into consideration. Also that can be limited by your ISP so you need to contact them.
  6. torrent crashes aren't a utorrent issue but a torrent file problem. So what verison and where are you getting the torrent from?
  7. PiusX

    Magnet URI

    utorrent doesn't fix magnet or torrent links that is something you need to contact the creator of magnet or torrent link creator.
  8. Then you need to contact the VPN as they probably has some upload limit setting on their side affecting uploading.
  9. PiusX

    How to unblock utorrent.

    That isn't a utorrent issue that is between you and your ISP to resolve.
  10. If your not going to contact the torrent host site then there is nothing utorrent can do with bad torrents. This is also simple utorrent follows how that torrent is set and created and if the host site is wrong or bad trackers then it's up to the user to contact the site to fix the bad torrent.
  11. PiusX

    Automatic handling of finished downloads 2.0

    What version of utorrent are you using? If you looked at your preferences you can make settings on what it does to completed torrents.
  12. And those telling you to go v3 is also feeding you more garbage....a simple online search and you will see why. My 2.0.4 works just fine no adware no spying no tracking.
  13. Wrong utorrent is the software not the torrent nor the one hosting the torrent. As you said a "shady group" that should tell you this isn't a utorrent issue.
  14. PiusX

    My files are fine; but not my torrents...

    Here's the thing most forget when you reinstall the O/S or computer unless you have the same setup when you installed the utorrent software you will have to restore each torrent one by one to get it working again.
  15. That is a torrent issue not a utorrent problem. Your torrent is either bad or fake or no sharing. So contact the site your getting your torrent to get support.