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    Did you try another browser to see what happens?
  2. uTorrent won't start download of torrents

    What is the screen shot of the screen look like?
  3. That would surmise dead torrent or one no longer shared.
  4. I think you got video driver issues that aren't related to utorrent.
  5. deleting an old file !!!

    That is beyond the scope of utorrent help. Sounds more like you got a malware infection from the torrent file.
  6. RSS does not download automatically

    Did you check with the RSS site why it stopped? utorrent can't adjust if they block or change their RSS setup.
  7. Vazgen Manjikian - torrent availability

    You can also search for this online as well. Utorrent forum is the software support not a FAQ for something else. That is how I see this going.
  8. Why do Vpn services do this crap

    VPN are VPN utorrent has nothing to do with them. Got complaints direct it to the VPN not utorrent. This isn't the place to ask for or look for VPN.
  9. Utorrent just idle, nothing happens.

    That sounds like ISP problems or they are basically blocking all torrent traffic legal or not.
  10. Doesn't connect to peers while seeding

    I doubt it if they are blocking or throttling utorrent traffic they won't give a answer or say there is nothing wrong on their side. And VPN that isn't for utorrent to give advice on or help with - that is between you and the VPN you choose to give you help with.
  11. Your upload problem isn't a utorrent problem. I have no issues once a torrent is downloaded to have it shared immediately without problem. So your problem isn't a utorrent problem here.
  12. How do you reseed torrents?

    If you want to reseed a torrent if you move from the location where it is saved then you will have to create a new torrent to share the file or files. utorrent is not here to help you do that here. You need to look online to find how to do what your asking.
  13. uTorrent on the way out?

    Put this way how and why trackers do what they do has nothing to do with utorrent. You need to contact the site where your getting your torrents and complain to them. Not sure what your doing but I have no problems using utorrent and downloading torrents. Maybe one should stay away from tracked torrents and site to avoid DMCA blocks or ISP blocks.
  14. Port not open when using a vpn

    VPN setup and issues are to be directed to VPN support to help you configure with utorrent.