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    Unless your reseeding the same file back without moving from where you saved it to - then you would have to recreate the torrent to upload it again. You need to check your settings to see what got blocked or has decreased bandwidth to cause the slow down. And what is Torrentday that isn't utorrent?
  2. Unfortunately anyone using older then the most recent utorrent version is prohibited from providing help and if so the posting will be closed. All I can say is look at your settings and there you can determine how much bandwidth you want utorrent to use. So look at your settings.
  3. This is patently false. all these programs can freely download and use whiteout any payments to author.... As stated the program is legal the content downloaded itself the problem.
  4. You need to disable one or both to verify what is causing the problem. Defender is free so you should use that first and disable the other one. As I said having two A/V will not work correctly. And you need to choose what you will do next. If utorrent is installing it's own A/V then disable and uninstall it - it should have a option for you to remove it and just use Defender first.
  5. Unfortunately utorrent forum isn't setup for resolving VPN connection issues. For that you will have to contact your VPN provider to find out what is happening. And they won't allow much help on here for older utorrent software but only most current. So anyone doing more will get this thread closed.
  6. PiusX

    Missing torrents...

    So what version are you using and are your setting default? That is strange that it would do that when just doing rebooting aka restarting a system. That could mean that the location that it was at is no longer there or the file was removed is another possibility by the hosting site. Otherwise you would have to contact the site you got it from.
  7. That usually means the torrent matches or is the same torrent file your downloading. There not a option that I recall other then the user having to click "YES" everytime.
  8. Your Gig speeds aren't related to torrent speeds those are two different metrics. Torrent speeds are based on swarms and seeders that determine upload and download speeds. And since there is no screenshot of screen comparison on each computer no one can know what is happening. If torrent speeds are megabits it doesn't go gigabits because you have a gigabit connections.
  9. Screenshots of the setting would help here. Also is it just that torrent or others? Does your internet browsing besides this slow down or stop working? If browsing works fine then it's a torrent file issue or fake torrent.
  10. That sounds like ISP throttle so unless you can do a speedtest without anything including torrent program running that will tell you what is happening. If the speedtest show good results but once you run utorrent it drops then that would be a likely candidate for ISP throttle when they detect torrent usage.
  11. That would indicate ISP throttle issue with them detecting torrent usage and they throttle the internet for that reason.
  12. Glad I stayed with older ut version that stops issues like this from happening to any torrent downloads.
  13. Did you check your settings on how you saved your download preferences? Where is it saved to where is it moved after completion? Are those in the same directory or not? We need a error screenshot to see what it says that is happening. Also what ut version are you using?
  14. What version are you running and what does the error screenshot say? That sounds more like error install or corrupted install causing issues.
  15. What version are we talking about and screenshot of it saying that?
  16. If upload and download is a crawl then you got ISP throttle issues.
  17. Problem here is your running too many A/V programs you need to choose to use only one. Ut by itself doesn't have a A/V program.
  18. This right here tells you the problem no sharing: Peers 0 (41)
  19. PiusX

    Missing torrents...

    What do you mean by "Rebooting" if that recovered the last working image then anything after that would be gone. There nothing utorrent can do about that if you restored to last working image.
  20. During any moves if your settings and locations are changed it will not be the same as before and you will have to relink every torrent to make it work again downloading the torrents. Any hardware changes from previous hardware settings means you have to reset and start again as the new setting aren't the old settings.
  21. So if you look at my signature and try to download the slackware torrent what happens to your torrent speeds? If it goes up and drops back down to 0 then that is ISP throttle and or they suspect torrent usagea and block torrent access.
  22. unless you kept the torrent that finished in the same location moving them will delete all the trackers and you will have to recreate them yourself. You wifi and hotspots has nothing to do with happens inside of utorrent itself. Also torrents can change and more so what was there one day will change again. And if it isn't exactly the same torrent it will not work.
  23. Only if it's the same torrent then you possible could but you have to see by clicking on each to see what options you have.
  24. Where did you download it from?
  25. Not possible and since the migration help page is inactive since I can't get to it exporting would be risky at best doing this. Let it finish and then move the files. You can't just move the data/folder user and expect it to work at another location because the setting was that computer not the new one. For that you have to recreated all the settings.