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  1. If any parts of the app/data folder is corrupted it probably won't work to restore in it's entirety as a whole all those files more or less has to be checked for integrity to work together and mixing and matching will not fix it. I've done it with 2.2.1 and before recovery image I backup the app/data folder and then deleted the recovered image app/data folder and copy back the backup app/data folder and then restarted utorrent and all my files and actions where back. But this also means there must not be any hardware or utorrent settings changed saved location from that point on otherwise you will have to go and redo each file themselves.
  2. What you recovered was the last app/data folder at the time the recovery image was made not the current app/data folder you had before you did the recovery. Anything after that would be missing or corrupted as you mentioned because the app/data folder data has gone bad as a result of that. If you had backup the app/data folder and deleted the recovered image of the previous app/data folder with the backup one that would've restored your torrent settings but as that wasn't not done there is nothing that can be done to help here. Once that is gone it's gone and you will have to start over those torrent using the torrent .ut files to redo or restart the torrent from "0" bytes or if it find the exact torrent to resume where it last stopped. So beyond these two measures if both can't be done then there is nothing more this forum can help with since that wasn't a utorrent caused issue.
  3. This right here would be the biggest problem once that is wipe clean nothing can be done here.
  4. Recovery means everything after that image is gone and must be manually recreated. There is nothing that can be done at this point. If you had saved the utorrent app folder data you might've had a chance to restore it but since that wasn't saved then nothing can be done here. All utorrent activities or files after that image will be gone. Without the app/data folder all those torrent must be re-created or found where you got them to restart them from "0" bytes is what's going to happen is what I recall. The problem here is if the folder you saved didn't replace the other one created with the image it will not work correctly.
  5. PiusX

    UTorrent Seeding

    Seeding means it's uploading to other users that are sharing those files. If you want to use or install that file utorrent forum can't help with that.
  6. PiusX

    Limit download

    Look at your Router setting those can also set the bandwidth. If your not going to do that then there is nothing more that anyone can do here.
  7. What version are you using? I am using utorrent a older version and have no issue running on Windows 10. Where are you downloading utorrent from?
  8. Look at your settings to change where the files are saved to. This is something you need to look at in your settings there is option to do this.
  9. As said Binding IP doesn't speed up torrent files that is based on Swarm, File Sharing that determines the speeds and other computers where the files are shared from.
  10. Sounds more like A/V program is doing that or the VPN is blocking that IP site address. So that isn't really a utorrent issue since utorrent doesn't block sites.
  11. PiusX

    Limit download

    You have to look at your utorrent settings to find if there is a option to do that or change you Router QOS to limit how much bandwidth utorrent uses. If you don't change those settings utorrent will use what available.
  12. PiusX


    You want to go online and search google how to switch file association especially when dealing with Windows 10 to find out how to fix that.
  13. Did you search the internet for the error before posting? That doesn't sound like a utorrent issue.
  14. I don't see that showing it was utorrent issue but a Desktop Window Manager issue. It even says Faulting apps and point to DWM but you keep saying utorrent.
  15. That will not speed up utorrent if that's what you trying to do. Anything beyond utorrent software issue must be direct to those hardware/software support for more help on. You can search for IP Binding online to get more help with what your doing.
  16. Did you see on my reply the later half of files to try to see what might be cause? It's part of the signature reply if those files on there drops as the message says you got ISP issue.
  17. FYI: internet speeds aren't related to torrent speeds. Speed test only test your internet ISP speeds not torrent speeds. Did you get Timed Out with utorrent running if so that will cause speed test issue and isn't related torrent speeds. What did you use to to find your ports?
  18. How is this a utorrent issue? Torrent speeds aren't related to your internet speeds. And how did you know they are downloading it?
  19. PiusX

    Random Files....

    Did you check your file association? And how did you delete torrent? If you just deleted the folder and program then you didn't do it correctly. You need to use the Add/Remove feature in Windows to clean it out if you didn't do this then you caused problems.
  20. Correct if me incorrect but the screenshot shown is that the paid version torrent pro "about"? What's showing seems like the standard torrent program itself. I'll have to check my my older version of utorrent to see what it says but it would be good for those whom have torrent pro to see if their "about" shows the same.
  21. Speedtest doesn't relate to torrent speed. That is based on Swarm, and peer sharing that determines download speed. Having fast internet helps but that isn't torrent speeds.
  22. Did you check your utorrent download settings? Task manager is memory usage not internet bandwidth those are two separate and different process. Utorrent is limited by your settings and swarm and uploaders determine your download for those files.
  23. You should look there and try and see what it does. I do know it has font size or resolution options on there.