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  1. What versions are you using or installing? VPN settings aren't something utorrent helps with that is between you and your VPN provider to setup. Those warnings are about torrents that violate their TOS agreements that is why you get those. Not sure what your talking about the last half because it's all confusing and not clear what your doing. 

  2. utorrent by itself isn't the problem. The problem is the torrents users go and find and download without asking how safe or is this site safe torrent site. utorrent is just the software it's Torrents you download that is the issue here. Malware/Virus comes from going to "BlackSites" and thinking how would I get a infection and you would.

  3. Magnet are based from the creator or site that hosts them. You can't change or edit those magnet settings maybe add trackers to it once it starts and shows up but if they aren't the same trackers for the magnet it will not work. Also FYI 2.1.1 is not longer supported so asking for more help might end up "Closing" this thread. This is the unfortunate part of this software-we are not to help with older unsupported version only with Most Current version help. Doesn't me we can't but help will be hard to request for older versions.

  4. Torrents work as file sharing. But if you moved or changed it's preferences or setting for the torrent you must recreate the same torrent to be uploaded to a sharing site or leaving your computer running 24/7 to share the torrent. If you had left it as is when it finished it would start sharing the file with other users of the same torrent. Seeding depends on how many and their bandwidth to download/share the files. And if that is not a torrent users wants nothing is going to happen. As before if you left it were it was no moving or deleted the torrent file that created it then if others wants it - it will start sharing it. Without knowing the other settings bandwidth only people can guess what is going on. Also I doubt people care what the file names are but that would tells others if there are sufficient peers.

  5. What are you trying to setup for? By default utorrent install doesn't require any setup unless your doing VPN or Proxy beyond settings folders and user preferences it is pretty straight forward install and run utorrent. It's the torrents from sites you download that will activate utorrent when it detects and start the utorrent software. Utorrent by itself does nothing it require torrent files to start it process or downloading or uploading if you create and upload torrents. Don't use torrent sites as you mentioned it adds more problem then it helps.

  6. On 9/27/2021 at 12:17 PM, mikelinllo said:

    I forgot to comment that I use version 2.2.1 of utorrent, which is more reliable, so its configuration file will not work for me.

    your settings _355 file won't work with utorrent version 2.2.1 right?

    The bad this is no longer support but I will say is one of the better utorrent software and  I use it still. But beyond any support you will have to search the internet for any settings options.

  7. That sounds alot like Internet ISP Throttle. They detect torrent usage and throttle your internet and as you say when the torrent software is closed it returns to normal. This would me they have hardware/software to monitor torrent usage and throttle based on it's detected torrent usage. And as you mentioned the VPN does this to as they can directly see what software is using their VPN and most likely by their policy they throttle torrent usage. And since these two are not the same company I suspect ISP and VPN throttle your internet when you use torrent software.

  8. Your going to have to find where it allocated the block of storage for the file. And if you didn't create folder for each of the utorrent operations your going to have to go and look where it stored the file at to delete and recover that space. This is why I tell those using utorrent to create folder for various utorrent actions so that if something like this happens and you didn't delete both torrent file and torrent downloaded file. 

  9. Is this the official O/S that came with the computer and if not what was the previous O/S? I wouldn't use a computer that uses PreRelease O/S unless your testing it. If the Previous O/S was Windows 10 and worked without issues then you should first revert back and see if the issues doesn't still happen.

  10. 403 isn't something utorrent can fix that is from the server side itself or your ISP is blocking something. What browser are you using and what addons do you have for like blocking ads or something to that nature? My experience with Chrome is that it doesn't play nice with torrent files.

  11. I think for VPN recommendation you should check VPN forum sites to find one that matches your location and what users of those VPN would recommended. This site deals for the most part with utorrent software issues. VPN support is something that VPN sites that need to follow up on.

  12. Unfortunately this is a user support site - if you need more you might have to email the creators on here directly what your doing. utorrent here is just a file downloader anything beyond that is part of the user support as going that route would invite DMCA from Studios and that isn't something anyone on here wants.

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