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    Ultima, After much reading it is not clear to me if one can append items from one resume.dat file to another. I have several hundred items in one computer resume.dat that I want to add to my new larger computer which has several hundred different items. Maybe I do not understand the export process very well. I realize that I can export a torrent but how can I import it into the correct resume.dat file? Would it be possible to append or import an entirely different resume.dat file to another e.g. the contents of resume1.dat is added to resume.dat. I realize that this would require editing prior to appending but I am stumped by the process of appending/adding/importing the torrents. I can't seem to simply add the torrent to the folder and have it noticed by uTorrent automatically. Am I totally in the dark about how this tool works... By the way, it helped me recover half of my torrents already, trying to get the other ones as well. Canek