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  1. OH you mighty new dev's, I love you SOO much for having in the new alpha the ability to still work with µT while playing µtris. THANK YOU! :)
  2. nk33: I guess the ministry of information and communication technology in Thailand will not offer him a migration code ( if it wasn't such a pitty that censorship exists). OT http://www.flickr.com/groups/againstcensorship/pool/
  3. "Should i need to install anything else?" no, the program is complete and "ready to use"! Just make sure you do the correct setup of your computer settup/network connection so that it can work well. Read the beginners and setup guide as a start how to do that (links below in my signature)
  4. and then there were these "semi public" ones for those "not everybody's mother"-guys that hang out in the µT IRC channel that were not announced on the download page for the "mothers"-public So falcon if you want 1.7 betas, ask your mother if you can hang out more in µT channel ;-)
  5. "Any assistance would be greatly appreciated." Here you go: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992
  6. 5000 -> 600 -> 50 I guess you have missunderstand something very important in the things you have read! :-P You might want to press CTRL+G and choose xx/384k in the drop down menu. and then stick with that value without changing the others so significantly!!
  7. you must give your PC also a static IP and forward the µT used port for UDP+TCP also to that machine
  8. hardware 1973 press CTRL+G and read with regards to preferences! and next time check the topic first! or do you have a problem with that router?
  9. If there are non seeds in the swarm and the availability is less then 1.000 then it does mean that not one complete set of all pieces is in the swarm. In that situation and when your upload ratio is much much greater then what you have downloaded you can pause that torrent and wait if a seeder comes back. But if you see seeders: 0 of 0 connected (x-thousands in swarm) it is likely that you wanted to download something that was not authorized to be downloaded and that it is a so called Faketorrent. The torrent is useless datagarbage in that case and you can delete it! (Before you ask for specifics see the global anouncement, please)
  10. DEinstall norton Read teh speed guide CTRL+G Carefully(!) you set the wrong value. Not Downloadspeed its Uploadspeed that must be set!
  11. hey bulldogg, if you are as smart as maxe was, you could easily find out who "Firon" is. Should he get bodyguard too?
  12. you might have no peers due to tracker errors (thats what's the course for the red arrow is) but the fact having no peers is no error. I have here for example some torrents that have no peers right now, but they are green or red because TPB is timed out again ;-)
  13. boo thats not true! No error status icon jsut because there are no peers! Error icons only when tracker or torretn errors.
  14. so the lawyer might have hold him the same thing the TPB guys tell their "fans". You now have your own "fan" then. Edit: how come he got your (not real) mailadress then. i thought the form mail here is "one way only"? Or have you replied to him from a µT account? ___ What a moron then! - gmx has relatively good working spam filters (they even censor freedom of speed activists that do not send spam ). And if our hero uses the webinterface of gmx.de no real usefullness of spamming him
  15. unfortunately i was not able to read his reactions. :-( his posting statistics showing 9 posts. so there must be a few more after i told him that i don't wanted to flame but seriously asking this severe mentall illness thing why i would think someone the used to call i***t would do him a favour. But as i understand he has informed our Boss (ludde) about our bad bad behaviour against him. ;-)