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  1. Oh. Apologies; I scanned through the thread but must have missed it in the fray. /me hangs head in shame
  2. I wanted to throw this out to see if it's just me or not. I've got my transfer cap set, but the total seems to be inaccurate. I'm running v2.1b17085 (updated from v1.8.4). For example, Tuesday morning I checked my transfer cap settings to see if they were still working correctly, and it said I had only had ~600MB of total traffic towards the cap, even though I could see in my torrent list (and in the lower right corner) that the total (u/l + d/l) Monday night is around 3GB. Now I check again today, having done another 8GB of total traffic last night, and my transfer total is only 2.2GB (1.1GB each way). Both transfer totals cited are using the "last 31 days" selection. Even my statistics (Help > Show Stats) says I've done 5GB of traffic today alone. Is anyone else running into this?