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  1. ppl, u r out of space. pls do not assume tat im careless. u r not aware tat there r such adwarz running wo ur permission.
  2. ok, here u go......BunndleOfferManager.dll. u find it in ur temp folder. v3.0 is clean, coz currently im run it v3.1.x onwards has it (i think).
  3. i cant be specific coz i mentioned the adware b4 n were censored by mod. chk ur temp folder, as long as u run utorrent. adware will run, even u change to false on those 'offer' in advance. u cant terminate the adwarez.
  4. no use coz it is inbuild into the program. chk ur temp folder,u will find it running.
  5. upgrade to v3.0 is clean. v3.3.1 r loaded with adware.
  6. files tat i downloaded r always in read protected mode, other vers do not happen.
  7. I probably should've mentioned I'm using Home Edition. i've managed to get it installed somehow. i did installed v3.3.0.29010 first then successfully installed v3.3.0.29038. wats lacking in v3.3.0.29038 causing the glitch??
  8. strange, my system p-dual core e5400 cpu 2gig ram with windows xp prof sp3. i've tried numerous times installing v3.3.0.29038, it just not running. stuck n no go, i've to end process in task manager each time. reboot, shutdown still no go. i tried install with other versions eg, v3.1.3, 3.2.0, 3.2.1, 3.2.3, they all installed without problem.
  9. i cant install on xp, end process in task manager. i thought was my system problem, tried with other versions, installed without any problem. why?? tot this is stable??
  10. thus far, i find 3.2.1 build 28086 the most stable among all. i tried from version 2.0.4 > 2.2.1 > 3.0 > 3.1.3 > 3.2.0 > 3.2.1 > 3.2.3 > 3.3 > 3.4. latest r all crap, mainly becoz it still at alpha n beta test stages. v2.x.x got glitches too, sometime it will crash/hang/err, so did v3.2.3. i'm running v3.2.1.28086 with xp sp3, it has been fine n stable so far. not much to complain about, it works. give it a try, i think u will agree with me.
  11. after using v3.1.3 > 3.2.0 > 3.2.1 > 3.2.2, back to v2.2.1.25302. surprise, surprise, not block by my ip. full dl during peak hrs. wow, double wow. when using ver 3.x.x. dl is always as low as 10% never above 50% during peak hrs n now full 100% dl with v2.2.1.
  12. yeah, i know...crappy isp..... n crappy me too. i felt tat way whenever i tried latest ver., dl speed were so miserable. happier when i use ver 1.8.5 17414 with utp disabled. i'm grateful to utorrent for providing free bittorrent client. thank you.
  13. And created the problem of you being wide open for the major exploit fixed in 2.0.4 i rather have a good old ver than a screwup latest ver........double stepped back to 1.8.5 17414 ver., until utp show it's promises. for now, it's crappy.
  14. So you want to encourage users to remain vulnerable to the exploit that 2.0.4 fixes? We really don't want to encourage that. not every hackers know how2exploit dll. u can't tell it is 100% secure even it is safe guarded. every users want is a stable client even it is an old version. simply say why most r still using xp not upgrading to win7 because it is stable.
  15. Southrop from BakaBT here to give you an update. We simply hadn't updated our whitelist at the time. 2.0.4 has been whitelisted for a few hours now. We will probably remove older versions from the whitelist in the near future to ensure the safety of our users. Thanks to the uTorrent Dev Team for rolling out an update for the security issue so quickly! I'm in agreement with this opinion. I've been personally posting in trackers that I don't regularly use to petition for 2.0.4 to be whitelisted. thanks for the update, pls don't wipe out the old versions from your whitelist until 2.0.x is as stable as 1.8.5.