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  1. wht value for bt.trans.disposition if i only want to use the "new" utp connections only pls?
  2. i cant seem to keep bt.trans_disposition = 26 when i [uncheck] enable bandwidth management . ************************************************************ initial state:- [checked] enable bandwidth management bt.trans_disposition = 26 ************************************************************ change:- [uncheck] enable bandwidth management click apply bt.trans_disposition has changed to 16 ************************************************************ change again:- bt.trans_disposition = 26 click set and apply enable bandwidth management becomes enabled... ************************************************************
  3. using v2.01 b19248 can i uncheck enable bandwidth management (bt preferences) and still maintain in (advanced preferences) bt trans disposition = 26 (i want it only udp and the new udp) bt tcp rate control = false or is bt trans disposition supposed to change when i uncheck enable bandwidth management?
  4. man this version kept crashing so i reverted back to 2.0 and 2.0 which never did crash and worked perfectly started crashing every few hours. omg. i uninstalled 2.0 deleted all the settings and reinstalled (and re-did all my settings again) and it still kept crashing. so now im back to 1.84 and hopefully it doesnt keep crashing else im gonna have to reinstall windows. that ll teach me to muck about with alpha versions
  5. what does this do? preferences-under advanced: bt.auto_dl_enable
  6. i just got my first utorrent 2.1 program crash. been using utrorrent 2.0 with 24x7 usage for a long time and it never crashed. anyway, 16932-utorrent.a18d.dmp was sent out.
  7. installed over u torrent 2.0 without a hitch. using rtm windows 7 ultimate x64. all seems fine, torrents downloading. but i keep seeing this error in the logger tab: [2009-10-17 11:31:40] Error -1 occurred while attempting to get stream metainfo
  8. its been active for a few days...
  9. b16222 seems like the ETA function is not working properly?