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  1. Where is option: "Always show dialog on manual add"? I see just "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent" and checking/unchecking does nothing...
  2. I've found settings, with which utorrent doesn't hangs(Win7x64)... May be change "bt.transp_disposition = 5" helps... Or anything else. I don't want test it.
  3. But it still hangs under Win7x64=((( And logger says that hang report sended... Dump in hang state:
  4. This is very strange. But uTorrent calls bsod with message: "IoBuildPartialMdl was called with a virtual address range outside the range of the source MDL.". After deleting .torrent and data for one task, problem was solved.
  5. µTorrent started by firefox for adding new .torrent. Windows 7 x64. And hangs... Old bad bug... Dump:
  6. #459: hmm. In my Wine 1.1.37 ubuntu 10.04 x64 it works. Port opens sometimes(why?) and some bug with mouse(in other apps too). And full association with .torrent-files=)))
  7. #402: I used WebUI today and nothing hangs... But when router disable vpn, local speed was 5mb/s and torrent should be completed in 5 seconds, WebUI says: "ETA 4y 0w". Now appear bad bug with uTorrent hang. And killing not works(((. Dump: or magnet:?xt=urn:btih:UZMONRAUAVXPX6Z5GOSJV4XARXC6JB4X& P.S. "uTorrent.exe *32" exists in task manager. But I can rename all .dat files and utorrent.exe.
  8. RC5 not responding after: 1. I captured tcp port in http-server 2. Start uTorrent. Of course, red symbol of connection. 3. Close http-server 4. Click on red symbol in uTorrent 5. Save&Close(port not changed, Automatic port mapping checked). P.S. this is very bad, that "Kill process" not killing uTorrent. And uTorrent still visible in process list after logoff - logon. Windows 7 x64.
  9. Under wine(1.1.36) uTorrent not opens TCP-port. If select same port in http-server, it will accept many connections from BitTorrent-protocol. netstat says, that opened only udp,udp6 ports. udp 0 0 *:22913 *:* 11971/wineserver udp6 0 0 [::]:22913 [::]:* 11971/wineserver