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  1. Well, actually I found out what was causing my trouble. The username i was using contained the µ in µtorrent. So, don't use the µ in your usernames!
  2. I have tried various .torrent files, with no luck. There is actually no problem to control the torrent AFTER it's uploaded.. F.ex if i start the download on the server, then the client can pause, stop, or restart the torrent without troubble. I'm not using any proxy(as far as i know of ) First there were no error.log, but when i ran the µremote as administrator, i got this: 09/14/2009 23:53:34 --> Message: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed. --> Source: System --> Stacktrace: at System.Uri.CreateThis(String uri, Boolean dontEscape, UriKind uriKind) at System.Uri..ctor(String uriString) at System.Net.WebRequest.Create(String requestUriString) at uRemote.Connection.GetWebResponse(String pURL, String pUsername, String pPassword, String pDomain) --> Target Site: Void CreateThis(System.String, Boolean, System.UriKind) --> Data: The log below the torrent window says: [2009-09-14 23:56:47] Loading settings from C:\Program Files\uRemote\settings.txt [2009-09-14 23:56:48] Checking for updates ... [2009-09-14 23:56:48] Connecting to on port **** ... [2009-09-14 23:56:48] Found cache files for this hostname, loading info from C:\Program Files\uRemote\HashCache_579bf75ab8833ac73b92e70da492b28d.txt ... [2009-09-14 23:56:48] You're using the latest version But i still couldn't upload torrents, thogh i did the Run as admin. Is there another port that handles the upload to µtorrent? I really cn't understand this.. Thanx for your help!
  3. Hi! I have just installed your µremote, and I must say it looks great! But I have a quite big problem with this remote. I have set up µtorrent so I am able to both access via the url, and via your µremote, but when I'm trying to upload a torrent via the µremote it just says that "Opening torrent: (the path to the torrent)". But nothing happens neither in the µremote, nor the µtorrent. Can anyone help me? My server is running Windows Server 2008, and µtorrent 1.8.4 (with the built-in WebUI activated) My client is running Windows 7 with µremote 2.2. PS: The Firewall rules in Windows Server 2008 is a pain in the ass, but since both µremote and url seems to reach µtorrent, the problem must be something else, right? Would i need to open another port than the port I selected in µtorrent? Best regards!