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  1. Seems like 64bit is really the underdog of dev, when I think it should be the main focus. Same goes for 3.1 or win8 (which btw I'm not actually using but is pretty stable for a pre-beta - at least on par with some uT builds - and which was working with 2.2.1). Meanwhile, devs insist on uT+, which not many people seemed interested in (btw, thanks for the invite, but no, sorry). Wish your priorities were sorted differently :/
  2. That's been reported by different people - it has to do with the file sorting. Sort by '1st part' or 'Parts' (the graph) - others will give you that problem (although not always).
  3. Don't know if this is related to utorrent or windows, but sometimes when I delete torrents/data, recycling isn't emptied in just a single try. Deleted some 16 stalled torrents+data and had to empty the recycling bin about half that many times to clear it - some tries it just didn't do anything. This has only happened to me with utorrent and has been happening occasionally for sometime with different builds. System is win7 64.
  4. According to this site, it does - at least for 2.2.1 on 7989 x64:
  5. Same here. And just copying from win7 won't work, either; so, not an installer problem. ps: just got this, trying to post from ie10 (x64):
  6. Same here. And just copying files from win7 won't work either; so, not an installer problem.
  7. availability of 122 with only one seed listed? b. 25570 win7 x64
  8. problem of not being able to select files in torrents with lots of files still happens with 25570 - only when sorting by first part and parts works ok 25422 still didn't detected 25570 update Also, updating when utorrent is running doesn't work - tried several times to open from ie9 64 and after dl nothing happens; after closing it, updated first time runnning win7 x64
  9. I had no idea my connection was this good lol - you should all bow to me now No idea what happened, just that ie9 was hogging cpu for a while then, that's all.
  10. build 25422 seems to be using prio_first_last_piece, even if it's disabled - torrents with just vids collections and no folders are getting all the first and last pieces for all vids dl'ed before any other; other torrents with mixed vids/others and folders don't. I have prioritize partial pieces on.
  11. Still has the bug where you can't select files when there's a large number of files in a torrent - you can click and select them, but when you release the button the selection disappears and right click doesn't work either. This only seems to happen with large number of files (ex.: when there's a scroll bar), and not with small numbers. This will eventually go away somehow and you'll be able to select files.
  12. again - just froze with an appcrash dialog, this time: do you want the wer files? no dump file this time
  13. oops - upgraded to latest 25233/25230/whatever, tried to clear private data from preferences and bam - crash:
  14. Sorry I didn't got back to you earlier, but been trying all sorts of files with 25046 and it didn't crashed a single time (wish I could say the same about ff6 nightly), small files, hundreds MB files, multi GB files - nothing, sorry to disappoint you, guys Only problem I've found was trying to select a file from an image collection wouldn't work (file got selected on click, but would deselect on mouse release) - wouldn't happen with other single file dl, but even that has gone on it's own, so maybe not an utorrent issue. Anyway, guess it's time to upgrade.