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  1. Same here, when I first saw it - if only every application I use could update in such a slick way!
  2. 1.5 working great over here - thanks so much for giving us an ultra-lightweight BT alternative, ludde!
  3. Just got uTorrent 1.5 via the auto-update feature and wanted to give a big 'woot' to ludde. Your coding continues to impress (and inspire) me. Keep up the good work!
  4. I love uTorrent's minimalistic-yet-elegant interface and extremely low resource requirements. Finding this was like a breath of fresh air after using Azureus. Azureus has a great feature set, but is way too high on processor and memory usage for my tastes. uTorrent barely uses a tenth of what Azureus gobbles up, but has the same features and a cleaner interface. Plus, I don't have to mess around with slow, bloated Java installs and runtimes: just extract and go! I *love* uTorrent! Keep up the good work!