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  1. Hi narrow toolbar does not working still Lumir
  2. ok thank you but.. "State of torrent" and "Status message string (same as status column)" is the same? Lumir
  3. Hi all i have a little problem to translate this string right... "Run this program when a torrent changes state:" i a bit don´t understand - changes state help me pls Lumir
  4. Hi i need more place for this string pls THX Lumir - slovak translator
  5. hi i have small idea Advanced - when select some item from the list so i would like to see short description, i mean that there useful description for help to users with settings... Lumir - slovak translator
  6. Hi i need more place for the string pls in the lang file - row 1477 - "Grid: %d days" i wish to all merry christmas Lumir - Slovak translator
  7. Hi in the Slovak translation i need more place for streaming... THX Lumir - slovak translator
  8. Hi slovak translation i need put one letter, is possible move...? THX Lumir
  9. Hi Slovak translation i have problem with place for words in settings Transfer cap is possible expand these places pls? THX Lumir - slovak translator