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  1. <admin munch, This is your only warning. provide information to get old versions (even old builds of current versions) at your own risk>
  2. i don't think they would do it because because they it with all the allowed clients on the site and there is many clients that are not allowed at all.
  3. Yes i know but that is what they do they want to approve any change in any new build and i'm sure that there is more then one private tracker out there doing the same thing and there is nothing i can do about it. But you do need to understand that this things happen and that everytime that you release a new build it should have actuall real changes plus promo changes when neccessery not just promo changes because once you release a new build hundrends of software sites post an update about it and if there is no actuall real changes then it could cause more problems then benefits.
  4. What you don't know is that private tracker add version to there allowed list not by branch number but by build number meaning that right now i already have at least one tracker who don't allow build 24683 because it's just a promo build and there are no real changes in it. So if utorrent releases a stable promo release and people who use private trackers download it there private tracker want accept it because it's just a promo build so they might skip it till the next official stable announce build with real changes.
  5. Don't you think that you are making a fool of your self in front of the entire torrents community by releasing and announcing promo builds,i mean do you really think that any private tracker would add it to it's allowed list if the only changes are promo changes??? For the time being i'm going back to the previous version and in the future i would never download another promo build because my private tracker sites don't like it very much. You do need to understand that when you release a new version any software site also announce it and people download it for no reason and with possible problems because of it. So please in the future please don't release any new stable versions without actuall real changes :mad:
  6. Please announce µTorrent 2.2.24683 Stable version. Thanks in advance.
  7. Then take it up with the sites, not us. Why should i take it up with the sites? they are right not to allow unannounced versions after all if utorrent don't trust enaf in there new builds so that they announce them why would any one eles does??? and ex58 there is no such thing as silent update because once a version is being updated i can almost immediatly see it in all sort of softwares sites publishing it. So there shouldn't be something like silent update at all but either you publice and announce the software or you don't publice it at all.
  8. What about announcing µTorrent 2.2.23774? how is it that you continue to release new official stable builds and still don't officially announce them in this thread? don't you understand that until you do many sites want except it to there clients list?:mad: Thanks in advance.
  9. Come on you can't release a new version then post it as the latest stable version and then not announce it in this thread because sites don't accept her as the latest stable version without official announcment in this thread so please fix it as soon as possible.
  10. Further more i know of at least one site who will not add the latest build to it's allowed clients list without an official announcment so i think that for everyone sake firon should officially announce every build regardless of what changes were made weather it's in the client or the installer.
  11. Please officialy announce utorrent 2.2 build 23235 because not all sites accept the new client build if you don't officially announce it and thanks in advance.
  12. for some reason i only have sockets.log http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=8b306542008eaa77ab1eab3e9fa335ca1120fc6ec9a962c7
  13. why does when you open new torrent file the directories of that file like the sample directorty in many movies and tv episode is at the bottom and not at the top like it used to be and is there a way to change it because it's annoyoing for instance i have just finished download two movie type torrents and i didn't cancelled the downloading of the samples files because i thoughet there isn't any(i don't download samples files because i think it's a waste of time,download speed,ratio,and upload speed)so if you can fix it or enable a way to change it induvidially thet would be great thanks in advance.
  14. 6500 don't work in fixing the problem thet the automatic upload reduce the upload speed below 6K and reduce the download speed: Uplink limit auto adjusted to 5.31 kB/s Uplink limit auto adjusted to 5.56 kB/s trying 7680
  15. Ultima for the moment 6500 is working fine hopefully it helped Uplink limit auto adjusted to 6.72 kB/s Uplink limit auto adjusted to 10.5 kB/s Uplink limit auto adjusted to 6.63 kB/s Uplink limit auto adjusted to 10.3 kB/s Uplink limit auto adjusted to 6.50 kB/s nothing under 6K so far i'll let you know of any changes. thanks for the help:)