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  1. Hi! I tried adding these lines to the btskin in "Old_Graph_Style_in_uTorrent_3.btskin" make the graphs the old colors: upload_rate_limit:800000 download_rate_limit:008000 upload_rate_payload:ff0000 download_rate_payload:00ff00 upload_rate_local:ff7070 download_rate_local:70ff70 upload_rate_overhead:800000 download_rate_overhead:008000 Copied it form the announcement thread But nothing happened. The graphs stayed the same. With newest μtorrent at the moment. (3.1.3) PS: BTW in the announcement thread its stated that soon there will be a sking galler for the new skin format but I couldn't find it. (I wanted a nice medium darkish color palette)
  2. Only I find it inconvenient that the torrent list doesn't get the focus back after closing the properties or the add torrent window? It seems like that nothing is in focus after closing those.
  3. If I raise my limit I don't get stable download speeds. I can download with ~126 kB/s max with bittorrent downloads.
  4. "We rolled back the behavior where it throttles traffic to not exceed the limit due to overhead. It was bugged and too close to release. Now it behaves more like 1.8.x." From 1.6.x-1.8.x I had to set a 6 kB limit for my 1mb/128kb limit to be able to download with near maximum speed and to be able browse webpages. I tried build 17624 yesterday. I kept settings from 1.8.5 didn't change anything but it wasn't working anymore. The webpages were hardly loading, the download speed was fluctuating and rarely neared the maximum. So it doesn't work like 1.8.x. I switched back and everything was normal again.