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  1. It's long overdue so that's good to hear. This combined with force starting the magnet links to aquire the metadata would solve the problem nicely.
  2. It's a lot easier to do in the "Add New Torrent" window though due to it's treeview structure. I've explained what you just wrote above hundreds of times now, but people just see it as a major inconvenience. It's pretty much the only way of giving people what they want. Magnet links are not torrent files so there's no reason to treat them as such. I'd suggest giving magnet links top priority or even force starting them to aquire the info dictionary in a timely manner. Once the info dictionary is obtained, it should then be added to the client just as any other torrent file would be. Basically, magnet links need to be handled as a 2 stage process.
  3. When using magnet links, it usually takes a couple of seconds to download the info dictionary even for brand you content with a single seed. I've never had it take more than a minute using just the DHT and PEX. What you're saying is complete nonsense and easily proven false. uTorrent's implementation of magnet links is flawed and totally useless and loads of people are complaining about it all across the web. With websites switching to magnet links only, those complaints are only going to increase. I've seen quite a few posts on these forums complaining about not being able to select which files to download and it's down to your useless implementation. Until you fix this incredibly silly flaw, I guarantee you'll keep getting users complaining about it. Listen to what your users are telling you. They want to be able to select the files before they start downloading, just like they can when using .torrent files. This is such an easy fix, it'll take about a minute to implement. Also, instead of needing to use a full magnet link, it would be nice to be able to just use the info hash when adding new torrents. Again, this would also take about a minute to implement.
  4. Instead of displaying the "Add New Torrent" window when you click on a magnet link, just add it to the client without any user interaction. Once the info dictionary has been obtained, then display the "Add New Torrent". The way it currently works is pretty useless.