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  1. Looks like a little green humbug mint.
  2. All seen the new µTorrent site layout? No logo there yet!
  3. I'd offer him only one or two digits for his arrogance.
  4. Who'd have thought it? A cute li'l tribal warrior with three blades of grass for hair! Shrill's is the best!
  5. Even if we did use some form of wildlife, we'd still be copying Azureus' logo concept. It would also be an obvious attempt at that, since no animal really matches µTorrent's name while remaining easily identifiable as a suitable "brand" logo. We need something completely original, and as Determination says, it's not really possible now µTorrent already has such a prominent feature in its title... namely the "µ". What we need is someone to completely redesign an image based around the µ symbol from scratch, rather than just placing it inside a glossy sphere or square. The best candidates I've seen for this so far is MechR's arrow logo, BloodStaindHurricane's minimalist work on page 3, and Huck's square grid. In my opinion, however, none of these submissions are currently polished or professional enough for use at the moment.
  6. I'd be happy with a chufty badge myself.
  7. It would be cool if the winner got a mention in the about box credits...
  8. My idea was to actually use a tadpole.
  9. Well let's think... we could have other ideas built on the word "micro", such as microwave, microscope, microprocessor... and stuff!
  10. Yes, but the µ means something in itself... micro.