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  1. Still running 2.0.4 here. I never upgraded to newer versions because of 1) The UI changes, and 2) The extra bloat. I consider 3.0 by far the worst version of uTorrent ever released. The only thing that will get me to upgrade is a client with 2.0.4's UI and no added useless features like 3.0 is well known for.
  2. Really late post and not contributing at all to the topic, but.. ^ This x500. Note: If you don't have NoScript then add it to your arsenal.
  3. Crashing just after upgrading. This is the only build I've ever had a crash with other than the intentional 'asserts' crash build. The client crashes after a torrent is started. No crash if it just sits there inactive. Do we still need to upload to a third-party site or is that now redundant with the 'submit to developers' option? Here it is anyway: http://www.mediafire.com/?jzteaontm4m