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    µTorrent MiniUI

    Works :-D I was really looking for this feature. One more thing.. i got confused upon was the "RATIO". I am(i guess most of us) are used to looking at ratio has a figure(i mean in the form : 1.XX) and NOT as a percentage value(1XX%). Neways its nothing BIG .. a simple edit does the thing. Feature Request: A option to set a default category. The first thing i like to see in my list the "ACTIVE" torrents list. If webUI/MiniUI could have an option to set a default category it would just make it a lil faster to use. Esp. if you have many torrents in the COMPLETED listed ..
  2. t3ra

    µTorrent MiniUI

    @Ultima I Jumped over to MiniUI since Java APP wasnt working for me... Well things are pretty smooth.. And i have been using it on my Opera Mini (4.3) for somedays now .. I just found 1 bug/problem today... In the setting for : Bandwidth limiting, when i change the values (say i change teh download from 100 -> 200 ) the page automatically refreshes without saving the settings :-S So basically i cannot change the bandwidth setting due to this ...
  3. will wait for Mr. sharpobluntos to work on this ... and i have actually given MiniUI a try ...
  4. A friend of mine had the same kind of problem with a different application. He copy-pasted a certificate from a different JAD file re-installed it. The phone this time detected the application as trusted and the application worked. The problem i cannot find any free application that is certified !
  5. If that was the case webUI/Mobile client should not have worked anywhere?? It is working on browsers and some mobiles other than mine. (Nokia 5800 and a Windows mobile.. both were able to see my torrents) Anyways i am checking if i can get the Loopback to work .. I think its an issue with uncertified application. Maybe my mobile is doing something weird with to the encoding of username and password.
  6. I have checked it multiple times ! i can access it with the same username pass from a browser on my pc ! **edit** i asked my friends to check .. on a Nokia and a windows mobile .. both could login properly and see my torrents ... but i cannot access from my phone
  7. I have upgraded to 1.8.4 already(which i did mention in the post) and still having the same problem. The webUI from a computer works well ..
  8. Hey ... I am trying to use this app on my Nokia 5310 XpressMusic .. But i keep getting a "401" check username password the inputs are correct. I was running uT 1.7.7 (the best version IMO) then shifted to 1.8.4 with a new webUI version .. both dont work ! I have also turned the token auth. to true I am able to use the webUI from firefox on my pc .. but the app doesnt get logged in. really looking forward for it!