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  1. Latest uTorrent build is finally completely stable for me. However - there are two things I'd change. It's nothing serious though. You should enable Hiding TORRENTS and LABELS section by the triangles on the left and the icon of torrent files should be changed so it fits in Safari download manager's thumbnails. Otherwise great client that added lot of features in very short time.
  2. Yes, you should add create torrent and also fix the icon for torrent files, because it look awful in safari download manager. Then do some testing and you can release final version. If i have create torrent feature i`m gonna be jumping up and down for a day or two:-D:-D:-D
  3. Something around 4 minutes maybe longer, before that version it worked very fast - like 10 seconds or so.
  4. Language downloader at the beginning of the install doesn't download language pack, just hangs. It happens since build 17091. Maybe it works for somebody, not for me - only way for me is to download langpack separately. I tried Czech translation first, than slovak and so on and it still just hangs.
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