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Great APK app and games that you should download for your Android device right away!
This article would like to suggest some APK apps and games that you shouldn’t skip. Each has unique features that will excite you. Believe us, you’ll enjoy this one. 
Diary is a free personal diary app that allows you to record your activities and emotions every day. The app is beautifully designed and offered absolutely free for Android 4.0+ devices.
Do you want to track your habits and activities for a while to assess whether you are living in a scientific or anti-scientific way? Do you want to see how your mood changes over the past few days or simply record special emotions and special events for later review? However, you do not always have your diary nearby, and if you wait for the end of the day, your emotions will fade. Download the Daylio application for Android right now.
Daylio Diary offers a new and extremely interesting spin on the diary. First, users select their current moods, then add the activities they did during the day. Daylio lists the most common human activities such as working, relaxing, meeting friends, dating, playing sports, watching movies, and parties. It also allows you to write notes and view them as a diary.
The Daylio diary app will collect your moods and activities, recalculate and pair with your calendar. As a result, users can better understand their habits, monitor their activities and plan for a better life. You can also view all of the items in the statistics chart or calendar.
If the activity you do is not available in Daylio's library, users can create new activities by selecting the appropriate icon, then enter the name of the activity.
In addition, you can set reminders for daily routines, edit activity and lock logs using the PIN. Or to be more secure, backup your data to Google Drive to keep it safe.
Features of Daylio diary application on Android
·   Use a large number of beautiful icons for your personal activities.
·   Explore the fun with statistics on your mood and activity on the monthly or annual rankings.
·   Customize the name of each mood.
·   Securely backup and restore lost items through Google Drive.
·   Set a reminder and do not forget to log daily.
·   Turn on locking of your logs using your PIN and keep the entries secure.
·   Export CSV document for printing.
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Faraway 3: Arctic Escape
Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Faraway puzzle game series with over 1 million players. This time, you will have to solve puzzles to escape the snow-capped Arctic Temple.
Interesting story
It has been several years since you started your journey to find your missing father. Once you've overcome the multitude of complex puzzles, hack the brains at distant locations in Faraway: Puzzle Escape and Faraway 2: Jungle Escape, the last gate you enter into an icy zone and find the mysterious temple. You will soon find your dear father. Everything that you base and follow remains in the diary that you leave.
In this game, players will discover interesting places in the Arctic, collect items, use equipment and solve puzzles to get out of the labyrinth of the icy temple.
Features Faraway 3: Arctic Escape for Android
·   Complex puzzle: Discover 18 new temples with lots of puzzles. You will play in a beautiful 3D world. Turn, look and solve puzzles that "twist the brain."
·   Diverse locations: Move through beautiful locations, enjoy intriguing background music and discover interesting secrets.
·   Continue the story in the previous sections: You still have many of your missing father's diary pages that will serve as a basis for your next search while exploring your family's past. Interesting story in the game will roll players into hours of experience without becoming bored.
·   The in-game camera lets you take screenshots quickly and save them to your device for later use.
·   Try it free: Players get to enjoy 9 levels free before deciding to buy the rest, enjoying all the impressive stories in the game Faraway 3: Arctic Escape.
·   Large screen support: The game assists for both big screens on phones and the tablets. Enjoy beautiful and astounding game graphics.
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Bendy in Nightmare Run
In Bendy in Nightmare Run, you play as Bendy, Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel running on endless paths that are full of dangerous monsters and obstacles. Your character will have to run and fight the four biggest and most cruel creatures. The game is designed in black and white, which is classic 1930s animated graphics by Joey Drew Studios.
Bendy in Nightmare Run is a fast-paced action game that includes fighting enemies, avoiding obstacles and navigating through a variety of locations, including pirate ships, streets, scrap ground, and a not so quiet library.
You need to collect more weapons and level up your character. Improve your ability by collecting and using delicious Bacon Soup cans. In addition, players can customize characters with unique clothing that you have never seen before, and equip them with special weapons at each stage.
When you win, players have access to the inventory of Bendy in Nightmare Run items and choose their favorite items such as T-shirts, gorgeous outfits, keychains, posters and more.
Bendy needs your help to avoid trouble in this adventure journey. Please help him!
Features of Bendy in Nightmare Run for Android
·   Action game runs non-stop for Android phones and tablets.
·   Face all enemies in Bendy's world.
·   4 unique animated worlds.
·   Collect Bacon Soup cans to unlock new characters, costumes and more
·   Get exclusive access to items like t-shirts, dresses, posters, keychains and more.
·   You'll have a better experience playing on Android 6.0+ devices.
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After reading the article, what are your feelings about these APK apps and games? Do not hesitate to install them right now. Have fun!