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  1. CentOS/RHEL 5 and other derivatives are using glibc-2.5. To throw some numbers out there, CentOS/RHEL holds a 44.1% market share for commercial Linux server distributions. A large number of people, myself included, use at home what they do at work. Excluding such a technically savvy base from being able to use uTorrent Server seems to be misguided. While I can appreciate your assertions regarding security updates, I am unaware of any that require uTorrent Server to be built with such relatively new versions of glibc. Certainly it would be unwise to support ancient distributions using outdated libraries, but you're excluding current ones with massive market share. If the intent is to get uTorrent Server used by a large number of Linux users, which I assume it is, then perhaps you can reconsider your desire to build it using libraries only available on cutting edge desktop distributions.
  2. This excludes me from using it as well, at least until CentOS updates to 6.0, which uses glibc 2.12. Is there a specific reason why this is being compiled with library requirements that aren't supported by many stable server distributions? Limiting the user base to cutting edge desktop distributions seems to be short-sighted.
  3. Download link on first page still goes to the previous build. Correct link is:
  4. Using the latest alpha (22789) on CentOS 5.5 (32 bit 2.6.18), and it's been rock solid stable so far. CPU usage is a concern though, as has been mentioned in previous posts. Running 5 torrents of around 5 GB each, with ~20 peers per torrent at around 10 MB/s up/down total was sufficient to push my dedicated server to 80% CPU usage. Usage went down obviously once they started seeding, but during their download, it was very high. Currently at ~25% CPU usage downloading a single 1.54 GB torrent with 1 seed and 1 peer, which seems excessive. Any suggestions on reducing CPU usage or is this a known issue? Settings are at default, other than directories and seed ratio settings. I note that net.low_cpu has been recommended, but when I enabled that, throughput on torrents took a nosedive.