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  1. Why you trolling me bro? I mean my original post was on topic and not rude in any way, wtf obvious question are you talking about? I never even asked a question. Maybe it's a language barrier or something. When someone says "I believe" in a sentence they are basically saying "I might be wrong but pretty sure I'm not". Seriously....not sure what your problem is other than like I said before your just a dick.
  2. Your not telling me anything I don't already know, dick.
  3. No, not using something 2.x or older, using 3.3.2 (30586). Not upgrading any further since I believe this is the last version that through advanced setting you can get rid off all the adds, and has new features like udp tracker support and peers tab in webui. Actually I only have one issue with 3.3.2 and that's setting a download limit haults all traffic. This thread should be called "What version of utorrent satisfies your crap to functionality threshold?".
  4. Oh ok, that makes so much sense.
  5. Why no changelog for 30017?
  6. Pfc_J

    µTorrent WebUI

    At least you can get them to stay. Some boxes if you check them another box will be unchecked. Recheck that box and another will uncheck itself. Very annoying and makes RSS adjustments through webui useless. When will that be fixed.
  7. That would be nice. What a concept that is, a help file that is actually helpful.
  8. Screenshot ? I clicked on in a few times, hoping that maybe once clicked it would go away.
  9. Anyway to get rid of the like us on facebook link in the toolbar? It's seriously tacky.
  10. Super pissed that upgrading from to deleted my app data folder even though I did not check remove setting when I uninstalled the previous version.
  11. What really sucks is a lot of the tracker admins are freaking the hell out and banning anything before is the best version I've used in a while, works perfect 24/7. hangs all the time for me. 2.0.4.....who knows.
  12. So sorry, I meant to write net.disable_ipv6=true is what it's set at, and I still see ipv6 peers connected on torrents.
  13. You don't see the Install IPv6/Teredo button in the options window anymore? Question for the people that know, so if I'm seeing IPv6 is installed and Got Teredo Address as well as IPv6 peers I can assume that net.disable_ipv6 set to true isn't working?
  14. Just upgraded from 2.0.2 19648 to 2.0.3 20683 and have a question about the net.disable_ipv6. I'm on win 7 x64 and net.disable_ipv6 is set to true of course but I still see IPv6 is installed and Got Teredo Address in the log upon start up, as well as ipv6 addresses on the peers list. Is that the way it supposed to be?