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  1. Are you using default cache settings or not? default and all other settings default Downloading more than one torrent at a time? only dl/ul one torrent at a time Almost out of disk space? no Writing to a network drive? no In the pieces tab complete pieces don't get removed.
  2. options-preference-streaming You can switch that option to vlc.
  3. trans 26 is running perfectly Its getting better as more people switch to 2.0+
  4. A majority of desktop users use windows yet that has Microsoft customer experience improvement program off by default. Microsoft doesn't seem to be getting people with pitchforks hunting them down. So why not have a similar thing off by default.
  5. version 2.5 doesn't exist.
  6. bt.prioritize_partial_pieces? I'd like to have a better understanding of what this addition to advanced settings does.
  7. You could report the problem here http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/mpc-hc/report/9
  8. It already has an option to choice your own player under preference streaming.
  9. Dimmortal does prio first and last piece help, the setting is in advanced preferences. That would solve your 4th suggesting. The goal of utorrents streaming is to sequential download with minimizing any negative affect on the swarm. So suggestion 1 probably won't happen.
  10. I've successfully streamed 32k/4m piece torrents. So size shouldn't matter.
  11. can't wait till utp 16 rolls out. i wont have to connect to ut1.8.2(bit 6.1.1) peers
  12. I would think smaller/more pieces would be better? Do you have the latest version of VLC? Try resetting the settings in VLC.
  13. Download having upload overhead is normal.
  14. http://blog.bittorrent.com/2009/12/24/point-click-wait-or-point-click-watch%E2%80%A6-will-streaming-break-bittorrent/
  15. Would an option to send streaming statistics be helpful? If so I'd opt-in. The tribler program sends stats back for there streaming function.
  16. How do you make the divx player load in non-default browser(firefox)? Do I need to add a parameter in streaming preference? Whats the parameter I need to add?
  17. How or where do you test dna when it get enabled in utorrent? What's the Streamable tab for?