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  1. @pestbest: I already knew about it and set the ratio but it doesn't work.
  2. Just switched from Vuze to µTorrent (finally). Here are my comments/issues with 0.9.3 and/or µTorrent in general (some of which have been mentioned b4 and others may qualify as feature requests): - The toolbar buttons looked better and more Mac native in 0.9.2 (for new users this creates a feeling of familiarity - learned that in UI class) - The categories on the left are non-functional - Like the main window's columns - The (done) progress bar colors don't fit the Mac native look (they're okay, but Mac native is better - see above comment) - Much better use of tabs in the details portion of the window - The column settings in the details (i.e. Files) are not saved on close - Can only move downloads up or down via the right-click contextual menu - why no buttons in the toolbar? - Still no way to force a re-test of TCP port connectivity - Still seeds forever Anyway, I'll keep using µTorrent while all this stuff gets dealt with... Vuze is just too demanding on my mac's resources (it's a 2009 Mac Pro, but I run BOINC projects so I need CPU and memory for them). Keep up the great work! PS - I've worked with Objective-C in XCode and with the Interface Builder (was on iPhone app but can easily adapt to OS X apps) so if some help is needed just give me a shout (don't have much time - university - but will do what I can if asked).