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  1. Hmm, are the advanced settings supposed to work at the moment? I'm assuming diskio.max_write_queue is supposed to control the size of the write cache (as it is the only setting with a 32 value as default, same as the write cache in MB), but changing it does nothing.
  2. I'm sorry for the double post, but I thought of a few things: Hash checking seems a good deal slower? and In the Add New Torrent dialog (still modal for some reason), perhaps it isn't necessary to show the /Volumes part at the beginning of the file path, I mean, it's always /Volumes.
  3. Sometimes the list of labels in the Add New Torrent seem to only display a few of the already existing labels, but unfortunately I cannot figure out the exact steps to reproduce. Otherwise this seems like a fairly solid release. Good job!
  4. Ah, so this is why mds and mdworker run amok whenever I have had 1.5.x open for a little while? Edit: No, wait. I misread that. But they do, anyway.
  5. Same problem here! Thanks for the reports. Yep' date=' this is a bug. We'll get fixes out soon.[/quote'] Obviously it's hard to tell with the current release, but why is (was) the "Add new torrent" dialog modal? It seems rather archaic.
  6. Please note that this keyboard shortcut only works on keyboard layouts where Option + , gives ≤, which excludes a good few.