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  1. I got an issue with the latest version when there is not enough disk space. Instead of giving me the error right away and stop downloading the torrent. It continued downloading, but no pieces were shown do be downloading hence no increase on the Done percentage. Then after some MBs are downloaded it gives the "No space..." error for about a second and restarts the torrent! Going on all over again... and if you are like me rarely checking the status of uTorrent, might not see the "No space" error and not download the torrent...
  2. Nothing out of the ordinary: Firefox, Finder, uTorrent, maybe Skype, Word, Preview iTunes... Pretty much the basics. The recheck was necessary because I started the download in Mac OS, finished the download under Windows in BootCamp with uTorrent 2.0, and then rechecked in Mac OS... Maybe there was some corruption or something...
  3. I'm running uTorrent 0.9.3 on a 13" MBP with SL 10.6.2 and with the last 2 builds I get very very slow Force re-checks on my torrents. I downgraded to build 17898 and the force recheck now works fine... I'm not sure if the torrent/file size matters, but the torrent that I noticed has this problem is 6GB iso file... + 2-3 pics in the torrent. P.S with the latest build I had like 0.1% recheck per 5-10 seconds, while with build 17898 I get 0.5% per second on the 6GB torrent...