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  1. Can someone tell me which should i use 1.8.5 or 2.1
  2. Another thing i noticed in µTorrent 2.1 alpha (build 17085) is under pieces menu it is not showing the completed blocks
  3. The new build µTorrent 2.1 alpha (build 17085) crashed 3 times n displayed 3 options report bug to developers relaunch close the program Although it failed to report the bug because of some errors I'm using windows xp sp3 but when i installed the 1.8 rc 3 it is working fine I tried again the µTorrent 2.1 alpha (build 17085) n i found that it won't crash when it is open It crashes only when it is minimised to tray. But after about 2 hours it crashed again Now finally working good open window no crash after about 8 crashes please ignore language errors