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  1. On my XP Pro XP3 machine, has anyone else noticed in the latest build that uTorrent doesn't close (the uTorrent process, using latest version of Sysinternals Process Explorer to verify) after the application is closed from the menu? Even after all disk cache's are flushed and all work is done, the process just sticks around. I have to kill the PID manually within process explorer.
  2. On my Windows XP SP3 system: uTorrent 3.0 Alpha latest build (20228) fixes the "drop files to share" label appearing problem. It also fixes the download window not appearing upon manual add problem. It seems to introduce a problem: when a torrent is added manually, it is not added to the list of all torrents. To make it appear, I have to make the left Category List visible and select the main list item, "Torrents". I like the new options in the preferences, less messing around in "advanced". Fantastic work, guys! uTorrent has always been my favorite client for many reasons, and it's becoming better and better. The steady development and attention to users and testers is a great software trait.
  3. This new build adds the problem of no add dialog for a manual torrent add. I have been experiencing the same other problem as Cage22 for the last few versions on my Win XP SP3 machine. I thought maybe it was an issue with Windows' handling of file extensions, but everything seems to be kosher in the registry for that particular extension. There also still exists a "drop files to share" label that appears even when the advanced preference to show the drop-zone is set to false. It appears for the first GUI draw when the window is made visible (application first run, maximized, etc...), then after whatever refresh time is set in advanced preferences, it is drawn over upon the refresh. Maybe an issue with double buffering of the GUI (if that is what's implemented)?